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How To Make An Orchid Rebloom?

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How to make an orchid rebloom? If you wish to make an orchid rebloom, it is crucial that you provide good care when they are actively growing. You just need to keep it warm and expose them to sufficient sunlight. However, do not leave them exposed in the direct sunlight

Once you ensure that your orchids are growing healthy when they are in the blooming period, it is guaranteed that you will be able to make them rebloom.

How To Make An Orchid Rebloom

How to make an orchid rebloom in detail?

To briefly explain how to do this, you need to first arrange Razor Blade or sharp scissors, orchid fertilizer, plant stale and ties etc. As the first step, you need to first cut the flower spike. If you spot the flower spike is brown, you need to trim it off while ensuring that it is 3 inches in height. However, make sure the tools are all sterile and disinfected.

Next, look after the plants well. A temperature level of 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit would be optimal for the vigorous growth of the orchids. Besides, make sure that you expose them to indirect bright sunlight and not direct sunlight for several months. This is when the plants are recovering and regaining the energy they spent for flower blossoming. 

It is vital that you make them go through this condition as only then they can reproduce flowers. In terms of watering the orchids, best is to water them once or twice in a week. However, you need to adjust it depending on the humidity levels and on the temperature as well. Further when watering, you need to soak the roots with water. Do not spill water on the leaves and make them stay there. 

Once you complete watering, keep in mind that you should empty the tray and allow the plants to dry. Orchids are not the type of plants which prefer to stay in wet environments. In addition to aforesaid factors, fertilizing the orchids is also very crucial when it comes to reblooming of the orchids. 

Besides, many people opt to go ahead with nylon stocking and place it in the potting media. That will release the fertilizer in a controlled manner. Alternatively, you could scatter a few pallets of controlled release fertilizer in the pot as well. However, keep in mind that they do not depend a lot on fertilizers. Hence refrain from over feeding them.

To be precise you need to feed them once every month and I suggest using a diluted orchid fertilizer as it would be the most convenient and effective. Next you need to move the plants to a colder location. Once you snip off the older flower spikes, it would enable them to have new fully grown leaves. When you spot them producing the new leaves, you need to move the plants to a spot where there will be a temperature range of 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit available during the nighttime. 

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Best is to bring the plants closer to a window during winter. However, you need to still ensure that they get the aforesaid optimal temperatures. During the rest of the year, you should take the plants out for a few nights so that it will allow the plants to get the expected cold temperature. 

Make sure that your plants get bright indirect sunlight during this period too. It is critically important that they go through this drop in the temperature so that they can enter the rebloom cycle without any issue.

After that you need to wait until they produce a new flower spike. Once they go through these conditions, they would produce new flower spikes. If you do not spot them bearing the flower spikes, some people tend to jolt the plants by providing them with blooming fertilizers. Once you spot them carrying the new flower spikes, you could shift them to a warmer place.

Further when the flower spike is about 5 inches in length, you could stake the flower spike and tie it loosely. Further you can enhance the feeding once a week until they blossom with new blooms. You may use a weakly diluted fertilizer for this task. Once the flowers dry off you can again make it enable to rebloom from another three to six months.

How To Make An Orchid Rebloom

How long will it take an orchid to rebloom?

If we consider phalaenopsis orchids they would rebloom in three to six months. They would usually bloom in late spring and summer when they grow in their natural habitats. However, when you cultivate them, they will rebloom. You could start to make them rebloom right after their blooms fade away as aforesaid. If you ensure that you practice the right care tips, they will rebloom.

What do you do with an orchid after the blooms fall off?

You could do three things if you spot your orchid blooms have fallen off. You may either leave the flower spike intact or trim it off to a node. Besides, you may remove it entirely too. If you wish to remove it, you may simply clip it off right at the base of the plant. Further you need to reduce watering for the plants. If you end up watering them in excess when they fall off the blooms, it would even kill the plants. 

Is it hard to get orchids to rebloom?

The orchids would rebloom if you provide the right care treatment with tender,love and care. So, to answer the question whether it is hard to get orchids to rebloom, no it is not hard to get the orchids to bloom. You could make them rebloom once every three to six months in cultivation. However, during this process, ensure that you pay more attention and provide the necessary care treatments perfectly.

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Where to cut orchid stem after flowers fall off?

It is important that you cut the stem as it is a part of taking care of them. If you have a healthy orchid stem, you can simply cut a spike to one or two nodes. On the other hand if you want to cut it off entirely, you need to snip it off all the way from the base of the plant. If you have a dead stem, you need to cut them right from the base of the plants. They will not produce flowers any longer. 

Thus, the best way is to get rid of them entirely. Consequently it would enhance the root development of the plants. It will be effective in producing vigorous blooms when they rebloom. 

How To Make An Orchid Rebloom

Do orchids need sunlight?

Orchids need sunlight as it has a greater impact on producing vigorous flowers. When you plant them, I suggest the best thing you could do is to place them closer to a window. However, if you grow them closer to the lights, you need to expose them for longer hours in summer and shorter hours in winter. If the orchids are getting sufficient sunlight, you could spot the orchid leaves in medium to light green color.

On the other hand, if your orchids are running short of sufficient sunlight, you could spot the leaves are dark green in color. You could consider the leaves’ color as the main indicator to identify whether the plants are receiving sufficient sunlight or not. In addition to the duration of the sunlight, the intensity of the sunlight is also a crucial factor when making the orchids rebloom. 

If you wish to minimize the intensity of the light, you can be tactful in placing a curtain to the window. On the other hand, if you wish to enhance the light, you could consider placing artificial LED or fluorescent lights. However, if you wish to enhance the light for the plants, ensure that you do it gradually without exposing them abruptly.

Do orchids Rebloom on old stems?

Many of the orchids will rebloom on old stems except some Phalaenopsis orchids. In fact, they cannot rebloom from the old spikes as they have not been genetically constructed that way.

How many times will an orchid bloom?

If we consider orchids as a whole, they will bloom once or twice a year. Further their flowers will stay alive for 7 days to 120 days or more. Usually, orchids would flower from spring and summer. Having said that, there are some orchids which bloom in fall also.

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How to care for orchids after flowering?

Orchids’ natural habitats would usually be the tropical areas. However, do not ever think that they depend a lot on water. In fact, they would prefer to have moderate water levels. Make sure that you do not apply water in excess at any given time. Further refrain from misting the plants too.

In addition to that, you need to always select a pot which has sufficient drainage. Once you choose a pot which has a generous drainage it would ensure a fast drainage there. Consequently, it would create less potential for root rot. Further it will ensure that the plant’s leaves do not wilt too. Moreover, there will be less salt building in the soil too. I recommend using a moss based potting mix as they would work well with the orchids.

Next place the pot somewhere closer to the windows. The optimal temperature which would work well with them would be around 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Further the right humidity level should be around 40 % to 60 %. In addition to these factors, your plants need to get a proper aeration as well.

I recommend watering the plants once or twice a week when they grow actively. However, you need to adjust the watering frequency depending on the soil moisture and on the weather conditions as well. If you wish to check the moisture in the soil you could simply place your finger in the soil and check it.

You could simply rub your fingers and see whether it is moist or dry. Depending on that, you could either resume watering them or wait for another few more days and water. Apart from the aforesaid factors, you need to be cautious of pests or diseases attacking your precious orchid flowers too. If you spot any bugs, you need to remove them from your hand. 

Alternatively, you may wash the leaves and the stems with mildly soap water too. Moreover, you may also use pesticides or fungicides on the infected spots. Be mindful of the right fungicide to use as if you end up using an inappropriate one once it will kill the plants.

What time of year do orchids bloom?

Orchids produce their blooms from spring to summer. Further chances are that some may produce flowers in autumn too.


To wind up, hope you were able to enhance your knowledge on how to make the orchids rebloom. further hope you are much more confident in handling them and caring for them as well. 

Credit to : Eden Maker by Shirley Bovshow

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