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How High Do Mosquitoes Fly? | 10 Super Interesting Facts |

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Have you ever look at a mosquito and wonder How high do mosquitoes fly?

Well you are not alone my friend. Many people including scientist think about this and found some really interesting facts about mosquitos. So let us learn about this in here. Keep reading.

How high do mosquitoes fly

How high do mosquitoes fly?

Mosquitoes usually fly around 25 feet or less. However, they can fly more than that in some rare occasions. As they can find their breeding and feeding grounds on the ground, they would not simply worry about flying higher. There are mosquitoes that go for trees which are about 40 feet in height for their breeding purposes. On the other hand, there could be mosquitoes you may come across in apartments in higher floors (20 stories buildings or more ).

So, these are perfect examples to show that mosquitoes could fly more than 25 feet. Mosquitoes would go for places with 1 inch of stagnant water despite the height. There are studies which have discovered that mosquitoes living in certain locations in the Himalayas are about 8000 feet in height (could be even more than that).

However, they would prefer to go to low altitude locations. That is because they could find satisfactory temperature levels in low altitude areas compared to high altitude areas. The speed they could travel varies depending on the species.

How high do mosquitoes fly above the ground

If we consider the mosquitoes which attack humans, they will usually fly at a height around 25 feet or less than that as aforesaid. However, in certain circumstances they could fly higher than that. 

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Can mosquitoes fly to high floors

Yes, they could fly to high floors. Let me explain that. There are several types of mosquitoes in the world. Some mosquitoes like to fly just above the ground. Those mosquitoes attack legs of human and other animals. Some mosquitoes like to fly few feet above the ground. It’s around our head or neck high and they attack our neck for blood. According to natural laws when you go higher above the ground there would be less mosquitoes.

But the thing is now you can find mosquitoes in higher floors of tall buildings.

How this happen? There could be several reasons. 

  1. Mosquitoes and flies carried afloat by wind
  2. Captured in air intake vents of skyscrapers
  3. Through lifts
  4. Via plants which contain mosquito larvae or eggs

So with this information you can understand that it is possible to find mosquitoes in high floors of tall buildings. 

How high do mosquitoes fly

How high do dengue mosquitoes fly?

According to world health organization dengue mosquitoes can fly around 400 meters in height. Dengue mosquito is the root cause of the serious flu called Dengue. It could be even fatal and it is spread through mosquitoes. This is a commonly spotted disease which many nations are suffering with. These mosquitoes fly in search of water filled containers for egg laying purposes. However, they prefer to look for spots in close proximity to the human habitats.

They are at their peak particularly during early morning and late evening.

How high can a malaria mosquito fly?

Malaria mosquitoes could usually fly up to 290 meters above the ground level. The mosquitoes who are transmitting malaria are transported on winds and they will usually travel hundreds of kilometers as well.

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How far do mosquitoes travel for food?

Most of the times mosquito fly around 1 to 3 miles to search food from their birth place. However Asian Tiger Mosquito is different. They are only fly around 300 feet around where they born.  Meanwhile some larger mosquito species fly away up to 7 miles for searching food.

How far can mosquitoes fly before landing?

This depend on the mosquito species. The range of their flight distance is varied from 50 m to 50 km. 

How high do mosquitoes fly in Florida

Usually, they will fly around 25 feet and less than that.

How high do mosquitoes fly in Australia

They also fly up to 25 feet

How high do mosquitoes fly in Singapore

You may come across mosquitoes even in 21 stories apartments in Singapore.

At what altitude are there no mosquitoes?

You cannot find mosquitoes in altitudes higher than 6500 feet. There may be several reasons for this. In higher altitudes mosquitoes have to face colder temperature, low air density, lack of oxygen, lack of food and lack of breeding ground. Therefore mosquitoes prefers to live in lower altitudes mostly few feet above mean sea water level.

How high do mosquitoes fly

Can mosquitoes fly in the rain?

Mosquitoes can fly when it is raining. One might think how a mosquito can thrive in rain when they prefer warm humid regions. When they keep flying in the rain, that means they can bite you too. In fact, one raindrop is much higher in weight when compared to the size of a mosquito. Mosquitoes have light weight, but they also have exoskeletons. They use their wings and legs to fly when it is raining. 

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Apart from flying they can also reproduce in rain. You could spot plenty of mosquitoes after a rainfall. Female mosquitoes could lay eggs in water filled spots right after the rain fall.  Over time they will become fully grown adult mosquitoes and will look for spots where they can draw blood. Hence why, it is important that we should not leave any water pools in our surroundings. It could be even in your planters, bird baths, children’s toys or old where the mosquitoes can lay their eggs.

How high do flies fly?

Some researches had found that some flies and butterflies can fly up to 6,000 meters (19,685 feet). That is lot high for such an small creature. In higher altitudes flies have to face many problems such as lower temperature, low pressure, low oxygen and low air density. Interestingly some flies have adapted to these condition by making some changes to their physiology.


Now you know mosquito can fly up to 25 feet above ground in normal conditions. But there are exception to this rule. Most interesting thing is mosquito use novel methods to go ground floor to upper floors of a tall building. That way they can find good food to feed on. 


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