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13 Important Organic Orchid Fertilizers

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It is important that orchids get nutrients just like the other plants as it would provide the extra boost that your orchids would want to survive as well as to provide attractive bloom. When they grow in nature, they would usually absorb all the nutrients from the decaying plant materials, droppings of the birds and of the monkeys as well. 

Organic Orchid Fertilizers

So, when you plant them indoors, they may not have this privilege to obtain nutrients from these sources. You have to feed them manually. To feed these beautiful plants you can use either artificial fertilizers or organic orchid fertilizers. If you water them with tap water, they can gain some nutrients. However, if you use distilled water or rainwater, they cannot gain any nutrients from them. Thus, you need to add fertilizers.  

I suggest having flexible feeding schedules so that you could feed them whenever you feel like it is necessary, especially during their active growing season. Usually, your orchid may take two years to show the signs if they have a scarcity of nutrients. Further if the pH the level of the water is too high, it would withhold the nutrient uptake of the plants.

So, if you wish to learn how to make organic orchid fertilizers on your own, you will find this article very useful for you. So, let’s begin to find out more on these.

01.Epsom salt

You need to arrange water and Epsom salt if you wish to make an Epsom salt organic orchid fertilizers. All you have to do is to  mix two teaspoons of Epsom salt into one gallon of water. Best is to apply this fortnightly. To elaborate further on this, Epsom salt is crucial in providing magnesium for the plants. Magnesium is an important nutrient to boost plant growth.  

Additionally, it would stimulate producing better blooms as well. You can easily acquire this from  hardware stores  and from garden stores as well. When you select the Epsom salt you need to go ahead with the one which is available for agricultural purposes.


If you wish to provide some calcium and potassium for the orchids, eggshells would be ideal. These are two main nutrients which  orchids would require a lot. You could simply crush the eggshells and apply them on the orchid bark. Once you apply the eggshells this way, they will not wash away in the rain. 

In addition to this, you may also boil the crushed eggshells and then apply too. Ensure that you tune off when the water reaches the boiling point. Next allow the eggshells to steep for some time and then discard them. After that you could pour the water in a spray bottle and then apply. You could apply this around the orchids.

If you have a sophisticated kitchen where you have appliances like food processors and blenders, you could put the eggshells and make a powder out of it. After that you could use this powder to apply on the bark. However, when you do this, you need to do it with caution. Avoid providing these in excess as then it would be harmful on the plants.

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03.Milk or Buttermilk

I recommend using both milk and buttermilk as they would be great sources of nitrogen since they have a significant component of Nitrogen.  Further you could easily find these products in anybody’s home too. 

However, I encourage filling an empty milk carton to fill with water and then apply without applying milk directly right on the orchids.

That will ensure that the dregs of milk are transferred to the water. Further you may use the milky water to water the orchids too.  


You simply have to mix one teaspoon of molasses into one to two cups of water to make these organic orchid fertilizers. Next you can apply this mixture to water the plants. Molasses has a great component of potassium.

05.Banana water

Many people opt to apply banana water to feed the orchids too. All you need to arrange is some banana peels and water. To Start off you need to chop 4-5 banana peels and then add them to 4 liters of water. Leave them in the container for three to four days.  Next, locate them somewhere where they can gain bright indirect sunlight but not direct sunlight.  

Next pour the solution through a Strainer. That will keep the banana peels and the water separate. Ensure that you apply the banana peel soaked water and not the banana peels. If you want to avoid using harsh fertilizers, this would be one of the best alternative  ways of doing it. This solution would provide potassium, phosphorus, Nitrogen, magnesium as well as calcium. I recommend using this fortnightly.

06.Garlic water

If you wish to feed the orchids with garlic water, you need to arrange water, garlic, and some succinic acid if you wish to. So, to do it, you need to first chop 4-5 fresh garlic gloves and then mix them in half gallon of lukewarm water and leave it that way for about 24 hours.

After that you need to strain the garlic bits and the water. Next you may apply a  succinic acid pill in the liquid and then proceed with applying it on the plants. I recommend using this method on the stressed plants. Applying garlic water is a  natural pest resistant too. If you wish to enhance the bloom quality you could add this with succinic acid pills too. However, refrain from applying this when they are in blossom though.


Potatoes are a great source of potassium and phosphorus as well. These two are crucial elements in terms of having a healthy growth and in creating attractive blossoms. So, if you wish to practice this method you simply have to take the unpeeled potatoes and then cut them into small pieces and boil them. Let them cool down a bit at room temperature  and then add to the bark.

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In addition to that you may boil  small chunks of unpeeled potatoes and small pies of banana and apply them once they become cooler. If you wish to balance nutrients, you could be tactful in adding Epsom salt as it would add some magnesium for the orchids.

08.Rice Water

The water which you use to boil rice has vitamins contained.  For example, it has folic acid niacin, riboflavin and thiamine etc. These are some crucial elements for a healthy growth of the orchids. However best would be to use brown rice water instead of using white rice water. To make it, you simply have to let the cooked water cool to room temperature  and then apply it on the plants.

You may add Epsom salt also here as it would dissolve in the rice water and balance the fertilizer component. If I elaborate on the quantities, you need to mix one part of rice and into 3 parts of water. Further many people opt to add crushed eggshells also into this. If you apply the eggshells ensure that you let them stay overnight and then apply it on the plants. I recommend applying this fortnightly.


If you wish to use tea water on the orchids, you need to first arrange some water and black tea. To start off , you need to take a normal tea bag in and dip it in  lukewarm  water. You need to dip it to the point until you spot the water carrying a faint color. Best is to use black tea for this purpose.

The reason for that is because black tea has nitrogen and Tannic acid included in it. These are effective in stimulating the healthy growth of the orchids. You can apply this once every two weeks just like you do it with the aforesaid methods. This is very productive in stimulating root growth.

10.Willow water

If you wish to use willow water to feed the orchids, you need to arrange water and willow first. Willow trees are tree branches. First you need to collect the new willow branches. You need to select the quantity of willow tree depending on the pot size you have. You can simply chop them first. Next,  fill the pot with water and boil it. Next switch off the heat and fill it with willow branches in it.

Place the lid on it and leave it that way for one night. if you wish you may keep it for several nights as well. When they are well soaked, you can strain them using a strainer. Willow tree has indole butyric  acid, and it is a prominent plant hormone which enhances root growth. Keep in mind it is best to soak them in boiling water the longer you can so that the plants will be benefited more.

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Once you chop the willow branches it would be easy for them to release more hormones. This is the best solution to enhance the root growth of the orchids.

11.Aspine boost

Aspri boost is another famous organic way of feeding the orchids. To make it you need to arrange water and aspirin. To make it, you need to mix 500 mg of aspirin tablet into ¼ gallon of lukewarm water. However, when you make it, ensure that it dissolves well in the water and then apply.

Aspirin has salicylic acid which you could find in  the willow bark. It is also yet another root stimulant which would be very effective on the sick orchids. If your orchids are suffering from a pest attack or from root disease, you could consider applying this method. Best is to apply it once every four months.

12.Sweet water

You may also apply sweet water to fertilize the orchids. If you wish to practice this method you need to arrange water, rice water , and banana peels. And Molasses.  To do that you need to chop 2 organic banana peels and leave them in a half a gallon of water for about three days.

Next you need to add one teaspoon of molasses into  water along with ¼ gallon of rice water. Next mix it well and feed the plants with that once every two weeks. Keep in mind to arrange this only in the necessary quantities as they will tend to spoil if you even keep them in the refrigerator.

13.Nettle tea

Nettle tea is yet another famous organic way of fertilizing  the orchids. First you need to locate  a nettle plant.  Next you need to pull it out while making sure that you are removing the entire plant with its roots on it. Next plant it in a water container. After that take a wooden spoon and poke it so that it will release the juice.

Cover the specimen and leave it that way  for a few weeks. Stir well and do not leave it exposed to direct sunlight. Once it is well soaked, you could use a strainer and pour the liquid on the plants. This is very effective in boosting the overall growth and in enhancing the immunity level as well. I recommend applying this every two weeks.


As you may understand, there is a wide array of natural fertilizer which you can choose from to fertilize the orchids. Anybody can prepare them easily at home. However, despite how good they are, you need to ensure that you do not do anything in excess as it would then be harmful on the plants. Best is to apply them in small quantities and then see how they react and depending on that you could proceed with the fertilizers.

Credit to : Adyasha’s Orchid Diaries

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