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How To Keep Centipedes Out Of Your Bed? (Here Is How)

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Are you afraid of centipedes? The article on “how to keep centipedes out of your bed” will be very useful for you.  You may have found it difficult to cope up with the Centipedes, especially in your bedroom. So, I am going to cover how you need to react to get rid of the Centipedes and on  the reasons as to why they invade your house.

How To Keep Centipedes Out Of Your Bed

Are centipedes dangerous?

Centipedes are not dangerous. As many of you see, Centipedes are creepy crawling creatures. Centipedes do not create any bad impact or serious effect on you. They are most of the time harmless. Many cannot distinguish Centipedes from other venomous and dangerous insects. However, Centipedes can only make you scared. 

Can centipedes climb up beds?

Centipedes can climb up the beds. Besides they can climb up the walls and the ceilings also. It would be quite a hassle to get rid of them when they get out of control. Centipedes are fond of  warmer and cozier environments. In general context, Centipedes prefer to occupy the damp and dark locations. Hence when they land in your house, they will end up occupying the places where they can get the same conditions.

How to keep centipedes out of your bed?

Remove excess wormth

First you can consider placing an air dehumidifier to remove the extra warmth in your house. As aforesaid, Centipedes prefer to have warmer and damp weather conditions as they can have food and shelter in those places. 

Hence ensure to remove the excess moisture so that you can keep them away from your bed. However, by placing a dehumidifier, you can let it absorb the extra moisture in the house. What it will do at first is that it will suck the moisture inside the house and will keep the humidity within it. 

Afterwards it will release it to the air circulation. This is a more effective way of getting rid of the Centipedes. 

Further it is cost effective as well. If you go for a pest control process, you will have recurrent expenditure. Additionally, when you purchase the humidifier, you need to ensure that it is good quality and durable. Apart from these, you can install bathroom fans. If you are wondering of a way to overcome the extra moisture, you can be tactful in placing a fan.  That will avoid any excess moisture building up there.

Seal the cracks

Secondly you need to seal off the cracks. In fact, you need to check whether there are any cracks where those creatures could sneak into your bedroom. You need to fix all the holes despite how small they are. They cannot feed in those spaces. However, they would be ideal locations for their eggs. 

Consequently, the eggs will transform into baby centipedes which could mature.

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Reduce their food sources

Once you ensure that there is no food available for the Centipedes, it will reduce the potential of having more Centipedes infestations.  

This is an effective way of getting rid of the Centipedes.in fact you can use this method to get rid of the other insects’ problems also such as mildew and mold.

Use insecticide

Additionally, you can use the insecticides to get rid of them too. You have so many options to select and ensure you stick to the labelled instructions when you are using them. Further be very careful when using them specially when you have kids or pets at your home as they could harm them.

Catch and release

In addition to aforesaid, you could carry them and release them outdoors as well. This could be a fine idea if someone does not really like to harm these creatures. However, you need to do this only  if you can assure that they will not come back. Further you could do this method only if there are only a handful of Centipedes given that there are a handful of them.  

Once you do this, you can sweep the house well so that there will be no Centipedes remaining in the house / bedroom.

Call pest control

Additionally, contact the pest infestation control centers also. I suggest you proceed with this as the last option. literally You could do this if you did not have successful results from the rest of other methods only. Further you could try this method if the Centipedes infestation has been on a severe level. Besides, one more advantage of using methods is that they will thoroughly fumigate your house. 

This will consequently help you to get rid of the rest of other insects too.

How To Keep Centipedes Out Of Your Bed

Does light keep centipedes away?

Light does keep the Centipedes away. If you keep your lights on, it will keep the Centipedes away. Having said that you could do this only if you are looking for a short-term solution only. When you switch on the lights at once, it will make the Centipedes vanish into their regular hiding places and this is exactly why you should ensure that there are no gaps or cracks for the Centipedes to sneak.

Natural centipede repellent.

Sticky traps

You can use sticky traps to kill the Centipedes. This is considered as a useful tool to kill the pests. For this, you need to arrange  corn syrup, a construction paper saucepan and a paintbrush. All you need to do is to pour corn syrup and water in balanced amounts in the saucepan and boil it. Next you can snip off the construction paper to the sizes you wish to have. After that you can add the solution using a paintbrush to one side of the paper. Next you may place those in the dark, damp areas where you suspect the Centipedes are hanging around.

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Tea tree oil

As the second option, you can make a homemade Centipedes repellent. For that you only need to arrange tea tree oil, spray bottle and some water. To do that you need to fill a bottle with water and add tea tree oil into it. You can add about 25 drops of the tea tree oil. Before using, ensure that you shake it well and only then spray it on the crevices and on the small cracks, doorways and whatever on the suspected entry points they can sneak.You can use this method to get rid of the earwig’s infestation also. 

Mint and pepper sprey

Moreover, you can repel the Centipedes by using mint and pepper too. Centipedes hate the smell of mint. Furthermore, they do not like the cayenne pepper as well. You need to have mint plants and cayenne pepper for this purpose. Simply you can grow mint plants around your home. 

Try to grow them closer to your doorways and windows. Further you can grow the mint in your patio, porch as well. Next, you can add some cayenne pepper also on those surfaces so that it will be even more unpleasant for the Centipedes.

Essential oil spray

Besides, you can kill the Centipedes while using a natural essential oil centipedes repellent spray as well. To start off, you need to arrange peppermint essential oil, water, and a spray bottle. 

First of all, you need to fill a glass bottle with water. Next you can add peppermint essential oil. You need to add about 25 drops of peppermint essential oil. Next you need to shake the bottle well and label it so that you could use it in the future also. You only have to  spray them wherever you spot the Centipedes. 

It could be baseboards or the entrance points or any other potential places which could be hiding places for them in your home.

Peppermint rag

You only have to take an old cloth and soak it well with peppermint oil. Next you can wring it so that it will not drip. After that, you can place the rag on the places where you suspect the Centipedes are present. In fact, you can keep them in your rooms, bathrooms or even in your kitchen and they will act as natural repellent.

What scent keeps centipedes away?

The smell of peppermint keeps the Centipedes away. It is an effective way of getting rid of them too. Centipedes hate the fragrance of peppermint. This literally means you can make peppermint oil traps and sprays to overcome the menace of the Centipedes. 

Further it could even burn the Centipedes. Hence you can use it to kill the Centipedes as well. 

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How To Keep Centipedes Out Of Your Bed

What are centipedes attracted to?

Centipedes are attracted to moisture, food, and shelter respectively. Centipedes are in contrast to other insects since they do not have a special moisture preserving cuticle. Hence it is important that Centipedes get constant moisture. Unless they will wither and end up perishing. Further they need to be in a humid environment to stay active. 

Hence, they require dark, damp environments for them to stay humid all year along. If you come across any house Centipedes, that literally means they have the moisture or water they require.  Centipedes prefer to hunt smaller arthropods  and some insect’s types also. In fact, Centipedes like to hunt firebrats, spiders, carpet beetles, roaches, flies, and many other insect types. 

Literally if you find any house Centipedes, that literally means you have other insects’ types also present in your home. Centipedes pray these insect types indoors and it is very unlikely that they will leave them in a hurry.

Signs of house centipede infestation

You could identify the Centipedes infestation by just spotting the bugs. As aforesaid, Centipedes do not damage your home or leave behind any trails. House Centipedes are about 75-100 mm long. Besides they comprise about 15 pairs of legs which will form out of their elongated bodies. Centipedes’ legs are long and delicate. 

To elaborate further, their hind legs are longer than the rest of their legs too. They look like  a pair of antennae. House Centipedes are yellow. Further they have stripes which are dark. You could spot the stripes on their legs too. You could commonly spot the house Centipedes in the night and in the dampest locations in your home.

Centipedes hunt the ants, spiders, bed bugs , cockroaches, and silverfish. So, if you have presence of these insects, it is very likely that you will find the house Centipedes. 

On the other hand,  if there are a lot of house Centipedes, you would commonly find the other insect types too. Further you can commonly spot them in spring and in fall. Whenever there is any colder temperature outside, they will end up sneaking into your indoor space.

How long do centipedes stay in one place?

Usually, Centipedes go from place to place in search of food, and they move around a lot.

Why do I keep finding centipedes in my bedroom?

If there is abundance of food, excess moisture, Centipedes are attractive towards them.


Before concluding, spotting Centipedes is such an unpleasant sight. Having said that, if you practice the aforesaid tips, you can get rid of them easily. Trust you found this article interesting and useful ! 

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