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Dead Mouse In House (What Should I Do?)

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You could find the dead mouse in house by following the odor they release. Having said that, if the mouse has died in spots such as in walls or in attics, it would be somewhat challenging to identify where the odor is coming from. 

The reason for the filthy smell is the mixture of toxic gasses they release when they are dead. For example , the dead mouse emits gasses such as sulfur dioxide, methane and ammonia which would cause the pungent smell.

Dead Mouse In House

What does it smell like?

The smell of a dead mouse would be more like the odor of rotten egg. Further as the mouse body decomposes, you will smell it like methane. Moreover, one might find the smell of the dead mouse similar to the smell of ammonia which will form the urine. 

When they further decay, you may smell it as rotten food. As explained in the above, the toxic gasses are what cause these strong unpleasant smells. If you do not get rid of the rotting corpse of the mouse, the smell will keep spreading around your house.

How to locate a dead mouse 

Follow the odor

You could easily find the site where the filthy smell is coming from. 

However, you need to identify where the strongest smell is coming from as there is a high probability that you will discover the mouse corpse there. Additionally, you can observe your pet’s behavior to discover the mouse corpse too. 

If you notice that your cat or dog keeps coming to a certain place to sniff, chances are that it is where the decaying mouse body is. 

Pets have stronger senses than humans and they may find the mouse body before you start to feel the filthy smell of the mouse body.

Locate the dead mouse

If you come across the tiny paw prints specially on the wall edges, chances are that you may find the corpse of the dead mouse there. Moreover, if there are any dry or dull brown droppings which would tend to take the size of a sunflower kernel and which has formed in clusters , most probably you are witnessing a dead mouse. 

Moreover, if you can spot any streaks on the wall edges and on the kitchen countertops, it would also lead to a dead mouse. If you still cannot discover the dead mouse and if you still feel the smell, chances are that the mouse corpse is in the air duct, in the attic or in any other sealed location.

How to remove dead mouse 

By yourself

The best thing to get rid of the smell of the mouse corpse is to remove the mouse corpse  at the very moment you identify it. Not only that , you need to disinfect the affected area too. Before attending it, you need to wear rubber gloves, a mask and some expendable clothing.

Now pick up the mouse corpse using a gloved hand or dust pan. Next put the mouse in a ziplock bag and dispose properly. Next arrange a  solution of 10 percent bleach and add it into 90 percent of water. After that take a couple of Ziploc bags and place it inside. 

In the meantime, spray the aforesaid solution in the area where you found the corpse. Wipe it properly using paper towels and remove all the marks, prints and defecations you find there. Finally dump the paper towels in the trash bag and get rid of all the gloves and on the work clothes as well. After that, cleanse your hands properly with soap. Next, do take a proper shower as well.

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Call a professional

You may get in contact with a professional to remove a dead mouse from your house too. They would come and conduct a comprehensive inspection on your home and detect where the mouse corpse is and remove them. You can consider doing this step, particularly if you cannot find the location where the decaying mouse is.

Pest control experts are geniuses with this aspect. They are more experienced than us and they will further be equipped with the required tools too. You can rely on them, and they will find the source and they will get the mouse corpse removed from your house effectively and safely.

Dead Mouse In House

How to remove dead mouse smell

How unpleasant it would be to deal with a decaying mouse corpse in your house as you cannot simply get rid of that smell. You can try the following tips to remove the smell. First, the disposal of the corpse of the mouse is very important when you need to get rid of the mouse smell. Ensure that you dispose of the head carcass soon. 

In fact, the faster the better it would be. If you dispose of the mouse corpse well it will stop spreading the bad smell further. So, to dispose of them properly, you need to first protect yourself from wearing gloves and masks so that you will not catch any disease and it will not contaminate you.

As aforesaid, you need to spray some disinfectant or even bleach on the contaminated area as well as on the dead animal. Next place it in a plastic bag and place whatever the droppings you may find in it too. Seal it properly without letting the air inside to come out. 

Place the bag in another bag and then throw it in the trash can. Next, have a proper wash.

Further when removing the mouse corpse, ensure that you are cleaning the infected area. You may use vinegar, baking soda and bleach etc. When you use vinegar, you may use that as a deodorizer. You can simply fill up cups with vinegar and locate them around your house. 

It will absorb the dead animals strong filthy smell and it will make the area smell better with a vinegar smell. If you want to remove the  vinegar smell, You can provide a proper ventilation and the vinegar smell will move away after a couple of days’ time.

You may also use baking soda as another deodorizer to overcome the dead corpse smell. To do that take a spray bottle and put some baking soda in it. 

After that, keep spraying it around the area. In addition to baking soda, you may also use bleach for this purpose. To make it, you have to mix one part of bleach into 10 parts of water. Next place it in the contaminated area for about 20 minutes and then wipe it down.

Besides these, you may also use charcoal to get away with the unpleasant smell of the mouse corpse. Additionally, you may also go ahead with charcoal deodorizer bags which you can purchase so that it will filter the foul smell from the air. Finally, you can also use commercial disinfectant too. Ensure that you choose the right disinfectant depending on the surface you wish to disinfect. 

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Consider that you are using a hardwood floor, then you need to select a disinfectant which would suit cleaning the hardwood floors the best. 

Ensure that you go through the product instructions well before applying them as it will then avoid any unwanted issues occurring. Next open all the windows so that contaminated air will move out.  You need to do this step before you clean the house and even after you clean the house of a dead mouse corpse. 

That will allow the fresh air to come in and it will stop any potential contamination for the humans and for the pets. You may consider placing an electric fan to the polluted air to move out. Finally you may also place an air ventilation system to further butter the air circulation.

Last but not least you can get in touch with a professional service to eliminate the foul smell or any rodents which are left in the house. They would do a thorough inspection at your home and clean your home well. They would try to eliminate the mouse where you cannot spot them easily too.

How Long Does Dead Mouse Smell Last?

Dead mice will release the smell for about a week to two weeks.

Is it bad to inhale dead mouse smell?

If you inhale the foul smell of a decaying mouse, it will cause so many problems and it would be  such a menace to deal with the smell. That smell would be so strong that it would spread throughout the home.

Dead Mouse In House

How you know there are mouse in your house 

Mouse droppings 

If you come across any feces , it is quite evident that rodents are present in your home. Generally, mice release quite a lot of drooping on a daily basis. You could spot them in multiple locations as they move around a lot in different places. Those drooping would be elongated in shape and about 3-8 mm in length.

 Fresh feces are dark in color and moist. Once they grow older, they will turn gray in color. Moreover, they would crumble if you tried to touch them. You can find much drooping, especially where they nest and feed. As such you can commonly find them in food packages, drawers and in their cupboards as well.

Nibble marks 

In addition to drooping, you may use their nibble marks also to identify the mouse in your home. Moreover, gnawing damage is yet another factor which you could use to identify that there is a mouse in your house. 

They usually shorten their teeth, and they tend to gnaw on different material so that they can sharpen their teeth. Mice can consume anything be it furniture, baseboards, walls ceilings floors or even electric cables. Their nibble marks would have two parallel grooves and they would form 1-2 mm apart. 

Whenever you spot any nibble marks, you need to act as fast as you can as they would end up biting power cables and it could even result in a fire.

Musky odor

Musky odor is another factor which you could use to identify that there is a mouse in your house. As you may already know, mice release a foul smell which you can commonly spot in closets and in sealed attics. 

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The reason for the foul smell takes place due to the urine and the ammonia they produce.  Further, each mouse has their own distinctive scent to recognize each other. 

Moreover pets can also detect the rodent scents. If you spot your pets are showing a change in the behavioral pattern and if they tend to hang around a place where they are not interested at all, go inspect the area as there is  probability for the rodents to be present there.

Grease marks

Grease marks and mouse tracks are yet another factor where you can come to the conclusion that mice are present in your house. They would usually tend to take the same route when they move around, and chances are that they may  rub their greasy coat on the wall or on the floor. 

Consequently, that will leave the dark greasy marks. Additionally,  you may also spot their footprints too. Those footprints are visible significantly in the dusty floors of the attics.

Scratching noises

If you hear any scratching  noises, especially in the morning and in the evening, there is a high probability that the mice are searching for food. Rodents’ would be active before the sunrise and right after the sunset. They do not have strong eyesight and they usually rely on smelling, touching and on hearing. 

Mice are such great climbers so you can hear those scratching noises in multiple locations within a short period.

Mouse nests

Last but not least, if you can spot any mouse nests, that would also be another indication of the presence of mice in your home. They could be usually spotted in groups. Further they can nest anywhere due to the small sizes they have and due to the incredible climbing ability they have. 

Having said that, they would prefer to occupy the quiet dark spots where they can access a food source with no hassle. They do not need to have a lot of water and they can fulfill their water requirement just from the food sources they find.

How to get rid of mouse from your house

You need to get rid of all the food sources  and their nesting materials as well. Moreover , you need to seal the entry points too. Consider having a cat and natural mice repellents. 

Related questions.

Does dead mouse smell come and go?

The foul smell of the dead mouse will not go away, and it will keep coming up until the corpse wither. So , considering that a mouse had died closer to water pipes , then it would take even a longer time to get away with the smell.

Do dead mice attract other mice?

It does. The dead mice ‘foul smell attracts the other mice which are in the house. On the other hand, they may also assume that they need to avoid that particular  area if they can sense a foul smell of a dead mouse which is in a trap.

How long does it take for mice to decompose?

The duration of the decomposition would vary depending on the factors such as size of the rodent, temperature level, humidity level etc.  Usually it would take about three weeks or more for the complete decomposition.

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