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How to get rid of red worms in bathroom tiles?

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Do you know how to get rid of red worms in bathroom tiles? Let me explain it to you in this article. So, here , we are going to cover the different types of worms you may come across and the modes of overcoming them.

How to get rid of red worms in bathroom tiles

How to get rid of red worms in bathroom tiles?

Before trying to get rid of the red worms in the bathroom tiles you need to first realize how they came to your premises at first. It would be scary and unpleasant to spot the red worms in the bathroom and nobody would not want to have red worms in their bathroom tiles. Red worms prefer to occupy areas where there are high humidity levels.

This literally means they prefer to stay in damp and wet environments. Hence why you can commonly spot the red worms in the bathroom tiles. It would be somewhat challenging to get rid of them. However, if you practice the correct methods, it won’t be a big task and it is very unlikely that they will come back too. 

Clean the bathroom

To start off you need to first clean the bathroom properly. Scrub them well as worms prefer to occupy these places commonly. You may also use a sponge or brush to clean the areas. Further , make sure that you clean the drainage once a week so that it will eradicate the larvae and worms.

Use cleaning products

You can use household cleaners to clean it more. You may use a substance as borax and bleach to remove the eggs, larvae, and worms. Moreover, I encourage using baking soda and vinegar and then flush the drainage so that it will remove whatever the remaining larvae inside. 

That will stop them invading your bathroom tiles. Clean the inside of the drainage also so that it will stop them spreading more. I encourage doing this once a week so that it will stop the worms entering your bathroom. You may simply prepare a mixture of salt solution to fulfill this purpose. You can add 500 grams of salt into 5 liters of soapy water and then shake it well.

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When it is properly mixed, you can pour the water on the walls and on the bathroom floor as well. Next , I recommend brushing the bathroom and flushing it again with clean water. If you keep doing this, it is very unlikely that you have to deal with them often.

This mixture is so strong that it could even lure the hidden worms to come out and when they get in contact with it, they would end up perishing.

Clear jammed pipes

Next , if you think the water pipes are jammed , best would be to get a professional service and clean them as well. Larvae tend to feed on that wastage and once you clean them off, it would make it difficult for them to thrive and ultimately result in the deaths of them.

Close the entry points

Once you complete cleaning your bathroom, you can set a trap and avoid them invading your bathroom. You may further cover the inner side of the drain with petroleum jelly as well. It will act as a trap for the larvae and for the worms and will stop them entering your bathroom.

Besides, you need to look for the gaps and for the holes in the bathroom as they can enter your bathroom from those entry points also. If you find any holes like that , you need to seal those. In addition to that , you may also spray insecticides over the suspected entry points to the bathroom. 

Moreover, you may also use vinegar as it would also repel the insects’ bugs and the worms. However, when choosing the insecticides, you need to choose an insecticide which is suitable for indoors. Go through the labeled instructions well and then apply it.

Contact a professional

Besides, you may also go for a pest control professional service as well. They will also have a better understanding of treating these pests’ attacks and they will handle it much more effectively. It will help you to eradicate these nasty creatures from your house entirely. 

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You could use a special liquid which would bring a fatal impact on the worms. In fact, you may use a carbolic acid or a detergent which would help you to eradicate the worms in your bathroom. If you use a chemical cleaning fluid, you simply apply to the gaps between the floor tiles. Alternatively, you may apply directly into the worms as well. 

If you do not wish to use the chemical ways to get rid of the earthworms, you may also use natural ways also to get rid of them.

Why do I have red worms in bathroom tiles?

If there is a flow of water, it would attract red worms into your bathrooms. You can commonly find this condition if there is groundwater flow or any other untreated boreholes in your house. In fact, these are quite attractive for the red worms. In addition to the type of water, a poor home drainage may also cause them to infiltrate a soggy damp bathroom. 

They would be visible commonly if the tiled floors are not closed properly. Hence why it is critical that you properly fix the flow pathway water so that it would cause less probability of having worms in your house.

How To Get Rid Of Worms After Rain

Prevention methods

To prevent them re occurring, you need to keep refilling the perforated ceramic floors. So, ensure that you maintain and repair the hollow bathroom walls so that it will ensure that they do not come back. As aforesaid, they can sneak into your premises by using those cracks and small holes. Hence you need to seal them as well. 

If you try to get rid of them while practicing preventive measures it would ensure that you will never have to deal with them once again.

Other worms in bathroom

Pink worm in bathroom floor

Pink worms are exactly the earthworms. You could practice the aforesaid methods to get rid of them.

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Snake like worm in toilet

If you spot any snake like worms in the toilet, it would most probably be the drain fly larvae. They usually tend to occupy the decaying matter and sewage. Hence why these are quite attractive towards the toilets. The female drain fly lays eggs in clusters which literally means you could find more than one worm in the toilet.

To get rid of them, you need to thoroughly clean the toilet bowl while using a scrubbing brush and a drain cleaner. That will eliminate the gunk and slime. These larvae fulfill their dietary requirements from these and once you remove them, they would find it difficult to thrive. 

How to get rid of black worms in bathroom

The black worms could be called horsehair worms in common. They would tend to take the thickness of horsehair. Besides you would spot their horsehair worms knotted up into a ball as well. They would enter your bathrooms through other insects such as crickets or cockroaches as they would eat the horsehair eggs from the ponds nearby. However, you will not come across these commonly though.

White worms in bathroom floor

The white worms in your bathroom would be the drain flies. Drain flies usually prefer to occupy the damp and slimy areas. Drain fly larvae would be tiny and carry a skinny body as well. You could commonly spot them in toilet tanks and in stagnant water pools.

How to get rid of white worms in bathroom

You could apply carbolic acid or any other detergent which you can use to eradicate the worms in your bathroom. You may also use a chemical cleaning fluid on the open toilet floors to get rid of the white worms in your bathroom. Moreover, you can directly apply it on the worm’s body as well.

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