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How Can You Do Pest Control At Home By Yourself

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How can you do pest control at home by yourself ? It’s easy. You just need a few supplies. Let’s find out what you need and how to proceed.

How Can You Do Pest Control At Home By Yourself

How can you do pest control at home by yourself ?

First buy your supplies

If you wish to do pest control by yourself at home, easiest would be to purchase some readily available products from places such as Home Depot, Lowes if you live in the USA. You may purchase products such as ortho home defense for this purpose. It is the best recommended product I can suggest. In terms of the products, you could use ortho home defense as aforesaid. 

They have bifenthrin included which could stay active inside your home for quite a lot of time. However, if you apply it outside the house, it can stay active outdoors only for two to three weeks. They would be subjected to UV, and it would deteriorate the effect of this product. Further if it rains, chances are that it could wash out as well. 

The exposure for 55 degrees Fahrenheit temperature would make the chemical breakdown in this.

Check for holes

Further when applying this, there are a couple of areas you need to think of. For example, you need to evaluate the interior and the exterior perimeter of the home before you apply these. It is always best to prevent the pest infestation rather than treating them. In that context, I recommend first to eliminate the entry points to your home. 

Hence you need to observe the yard properly and check whether there are any gaps in your foundation, in the doors and in the windows as they would be entry points for these nasty creatures. However, if you still find any gaps which these creatures would find attractive, I recommend using a little dust product and all you have to do is to simply apply it on the crevices. 

You can easily find a product which goes by the name of diatomaceous earth in home depots. In fact, it has seashells included and they would avoid these pests sneaking through these entry points. You can simply fill those spaces.

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Follow the instruction

To apply ensure that you go through the instructions well. In simple words, you need to apply it two feet up and two feet out. Then that would act as a barrier. As such, if you apply outside your home, you need to apply it more often. However, when you apply it in your house, you could apply this on the baseboards, windowsills underneath the kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets etc. 

basically you can apply it on the entire house. Further, do not spray right on the windows, instead spray two feet up and two feet down on the windows so that it would act as a barrier for them. In terms of the perimeters of your home, you may also use a 12-inch barrier which will cover the whole perimeter of the house. 

Further when you apply the coating ensure that you do it in such a way where it can overlap with each coating. It will provide a very good protection for the house. 

Garage and yard treatment

Further you can commonly find these creatures in your garage as well. So, what you could do here is monitor and trap those bugs. To do that you could use glue boards and simply fold them underneath the sensor around the garage. When you place it, you need to place it right up against the wall. 

Moreover, I recommend conducting a yard treatment to get rid of the bugs which could be present there too. For example, when you conduct a yard treatment you could get rid of pests such as ants, tics, spiders, and the rest of other invaders. You could use a product called amdro quick for this purpose.

This consists of a bifenthrin granule, and it is water activated. When you apply this, ensure that you apply a good coating so that it would be effective.

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How Can You Do Pest Control At Home By Yourself

Pest control do it yourself vs professional

If you had ever wondered as to what the best method to pest control, it would depend on certain factors such as the pest situation, size of the infestation, cost, convenience, safety and the guarantee. If you are hesitant whether you should practice pest control on your own or by a professional, I suggest you first think of the size of the pest infestation. 

Things to consider

Having said that, any size of a pest infestation could be a concern. However, if you spot a few rogue ants or wasps in your premises, you may of course go ahead with a DIY attack and overcome them on your own. It is very simple; you could place traps to overcome them or even apply pesticides and then deal with this issue. 

Further there are so many homemade solutions also to overcome them. If you ensure that you apply them correctly, you can get the best results. With that being said, if you apply these methods and try to pest control on your own, chances are that you may find it difficult to eradicate the pests completely. 

So, this literally means if it works on a short term, chances are that they may reappear. In that circumstance, the best would be to contact the professional and get their service. On the other hand, if you find plenty of pests abruptly, I recommend going ahead with the professional service.


Besides this factor, cost is another factor which you need to concentrate on before you choose one of these options. As you may understand, it is always cost friendly to go ahead with the DIY method as the pest control professional service is quite expensive. 

On the other hand, if you spend on applying home remedies and if you cannot witness the desired results, it would be best to go ahead with the professional service.


Convenience is one more factor which you need to think about when selecting one method of these two options. If you wish to go ahead with the home remedies all you have to do is to obtain the necessary products from garden stores. With that being said, obtaining professional service is also convenient too. That is because you do not have to bother on how to use the products properly as professionals would be doing that on behalf of you.

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Safety wise, if you end using harmful chemicals chances are that it would be risky for you and for your loved ones as well. Hence if you get an expert’s service, they will do the job properly without letting anybody put you in discomfort. However, there could be some who wish to use only the natural products to overcome these pests, in that context you may go ahead with the DIY methods. 

There are so many natural products such as essential oil, vinegar and rotting fruit which you could use for this purpose. On the other hand, you can’t guarantee the results of DIY methods. Chances are that they may not be very effective particularly if you do not practice them properly. However, if we consider the pest control professionals, they would also give you guaranteed results.

In terms of the effectiveness, I suppose applying DIY methods would be best only if you could spot pests in small numbers. If you have a massive pest infestation to deal with, I recommend going ahead with the professional service as it would be effective.

Final thought

I hope you learn something about ‘How can you do pest control at home by yourself‘ in this article. Follow the given guide and products and you can do pest control easily by yourself. But if you think your hose is under large pest attack it is wise to take advice or assistance from a professional pest controller.

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