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Do Ticks Lay Eggs On Humans ? ( Luckily, No )

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Ticks are small blood sucking parasites found in an animal’s body.  They are considered external parasites and feed on mammals, birds and sometimes snakes. But Do they lay eggs on humans? In this article I am going to answer that question in detail. 

Do Ticks Lay Eggs On Humans

Do ticks lay eggs on humans?

Ticks don’t lay eggs on humans. They do not lay eggs on animals either. The female adult ticks will lay their eggs once they fill up their bodies with blood and once they get out from the host only. 

Having said that, tick eggs are a serious concern simply because they can lay eggs in your carpets as well as in your furniture. 

So, despite the fact that they cannot lay eggs on humans, they can lay eggs on these surfaces which would be troublesome for you. 

Literally a single mother tick could lay plenty of eggs. In fact, they can lay about a thousand eggs. Once they hatch, there will be so many larvae and they will also go in search of hosts.

It would be so unpleasant to spot one tick. Can you imagine how unpleasant it would be to spot one whole nest of ticks. Literally a tick nest would be a cluster of tick eggs. You can commonly spot them outdoors. 

Having said that you may come across them in your home or even in your garage too. As such, if you come across any ticks’ eggs, it is important that you know how to get rid of them. 

Tick life cycle

Ticks are annoying animal species. Further they could further result in causing diseases such as Lyme disease and rocky mountain spotted fever etc.  Before digging further into ticks, it is crucial to explore the tick’s life cycle. That will help you to avoid any potential tick infestation which would take place. 

There will be four stages in their life cycle.

Those are the egg stage, larvae stage, nymph stage and the adult stage. You could identify these stages by their appearances.

As aforesaid, female ticks can lay up to a thousand eggs. To elaborate further on the egg stage, once the adult female  ticks feed through winter and spring , they will lay their eggs in grass where they feel like their eggs will be protected. 

Those female ticks can lay more than a thousand eggs right throughout their lifetime. They would hatch the eggs in summer. Larvae stage is the second stage of their life cycle. When they hatch, the larvae will try to look for a host to fulfill their dietary   requirements. 

Larvae will usually occupy the tops of the leaves and tall grass. They would usually prefer to occupy those areas as there will be more active movement of humans , pets. The third stage would be the nymph stage. When the larvae feed on sufficient blood levels, they will leave the host and will become an eight-legged nymph.

Nymph will keep doing this process. Further nymphs could transmit diseases as well.  Final stage of the tick’s life cycle would be the adult stage. Adult ticks will look for a third quest and look for a host which is larger.

The reproduction of the adult ticks will take place in fall. Further the female tick can stay alive through winter, and they can even lay eggs in spring too. This whole process will take about three years.

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Do Ticks Lay Eggs On Humans

How long do tick eggs take to hatch?

It would usually take  from two weeks to two months for the tick eggs to hatch. Usually there will be hundreds of ticks in tick nests. Chances are that there may be even thousands of eggs in a tick nest. 

Ticks are tiny creatures, and the tick egg cluster will only be about one inch or even less than one inch in diameter. Those eggs would  stay enclosed and stuck until they start hatching. Further as aforesaid, the duration for hatching would vary from two weeks to two months.

How do you know if a tick laid eggs?

You can easily spot if a tick laid eggs. As aforesaid, the female version of ticks can lay thousands of eggs per time. Hence you can easily identify the tick eggs easily rather than spotting the ticks themselves. Those tick eggs would be brownish red. 

Besides they would be translucent as well. One might think that a brood of eggs tends to look like a miniature caviar also. Tick eggs do not create any infections and you can easily overcome them as well. Simply you can apply a coating with salt and that will dry out the tick eggs.

Can you feel if a tick is on you?

In general, you will not feel any major pain if you were bitten by ticks. Hence, you will not figure out that at the very moment a tick bite you. However, once the tick bites you, it will inject an anesthetic into your skin where they enter your skin. This will help to avoid it getting detected and it will allow you to keep feeding on the blood. 

If we consider the patients who are suffering from tick borne disease, they will not even remember them getting bitten from ticks.

However, if you suspect that you have had a tick-borne illness, you need to first understand what a tick bite may look like. It would be more like another bug  bite if you do not get any rash on you. However, if we consider other bug bites, they will also tend to look like tick bites. 

Hence identifying what exactly has bitten you is somewhat challenging.

However, the tick bites do not fill any fluid in you. If we consider on ant’s bites and insect bites, they would be more like pus filled. 

Further, if you have got bites on the back of your neck. Scalp , groin or on your legs , it could most probably be due to tick bites. Further, if some other bug or flea had bitten you, chances are that you will end up having bites on multiple points whereas if a tick has bitten you , it would be visible only on one point.

How do I check myself for ticks?

First and foremost, you need to do a complete check up on your body. Especially before you enter your home or even into your car. You can find the ticks specially in areas like wrists, ankles and even in legs. Further observe your shoes. 

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Besides,  if there  is  someone else who is with you, you need to closely observe the other person’s neck, backs and even their clothing as well. 

Ensure that you conduct a close check up and see whether you can spot any signs of ticks. If you find any, you need to immediately   respond and get rid of them.

Keep checking your body regularly. Then you can identify when there are ticks  at their initial stage. I recommend you undress and closely observe your body  from a full-length mirror. Closely  check your back and calves here.

These are the areas where you cannot spot them at once. Literally, ticks would want to have warmer and darker areas such as your armpits, groin. Those are the places where the ticks tend to bite them more often. Moreover, you need to check your scalp , behind the ears as those areas are susceptible  to tick bites. 

You can do this over a bathtub or a sink so that they will not end up falling on the carpets.

In addition to that , closely check  your clothes as well. To do that you can simply place the clothes in the bathtub or even in the shower so that it will help you to knock off the ticks. Check closely your socks, shoes, and pant legs as well. Next you need to wash them properly and dry them too.

When you dry them, it would be harmful for the remaining ticks, and they will find it   difficult to stay alive on those surfaces. Further, you need to inspect your belongings too. You need to closely check them, be it your clothes, pet fur bags etc. Additionally,  you should closely check your purses, backpacks, camping gear etc. too.

Moreover, you need to take a shower. Once you do all the above steps, you need to take a hot shower so that it will help you to get rid of the remaining ticks in your body. 

Further, despite how confident you are that you got rid of them, you need to always keep checking your body to see whether they appear again. Further check whether you can find any rashes also as it could be due to tick bites. In that circumstance, you need to go to a health care provider so that you can get medication accordingly.

How long do ticks live on humans?

Once a tick bite a human, it can stay on the human body for up to 10 days after it bites the humans for the first time. Once they stay in your body for about 36 – 48 hours, they would result in transmitting diseases such as Lyme disease. 

When they complete filling their bodies with blood, they tend to fall off from the host body. However, it would take a few days to drop them on the floor. 

Further chances are that it may even take two weeks’ time too.

Do Ticks Lay Eggs On Humans

Where do ticks hide on humans?

Ticks would usually prefer to occupy places such as the belly button, around the waist , between the legs, etc. In addition to that, they would tend to hide behind the knees as well. However, ticks would be usually visible in open areas. 

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For example, you can find the ticks in grasslands, meadows and in forests etc.

In nature Once they come across a host, they would usually wait for a good host who will pass by. This is what you could call the questing.

Literally when they get in contact with a host, they would inject them through the front legs they have, and they will keep looking for a favorable spot to attach. They would prefer to hide in places where it is hard to find them. Further those places need to be warm and moist too. 

As such, in addition to aforesaid areas, you will find them in and around your hair , ears and even under your arms as well. As such whenever you find any tick, try to get rid of them as soon as you can.

How do I get rid of tick eggs in my yard?

You can kill the ticks by using the table salt. Simply you can sprinkle some salt over your carpets and on the couch cushions. Leave some salt there for about one week’s time. The salt will make the ticks dehydrated and kill them. Additionally, you may also use pesticides. Moreover, you can mow your grass short so that it would make the ticks leave these places. 

As aforesaid you can commonly find the ticks in these areas, and it is important that you remove them from those areas also.

Do ticks jump from dogs to humans?

Ticks are not the type of creatures which can fly or jump. Instead, they would only crawl. Literally, the ticks which you can find on your scalp crawl from the aforesaid parts of your body and ultimately, they will reach your scalp. Hence, ticks will not jump from dogs to humans.

Recently asked questions

Can a tick lay eggs in your hair?

Ticks cannot  lay eggs literally in any parts of your body including the hairs. Whenever a tick lands in your body, they would prefer to occupy areas such as your hair, armpits and your groin and they would not hesitate to lay eggs on those places. 

They may also lay eggs in coat linings, carpets furniture’s etc. too. Wherever the soft and warm place they find, they will end up laying the eggs. Literally, ticks are not physically strong enough to lay eggs on a host. 

How long does a tick need to be attached to transmit disease?

It would usually require  about 24 hours – 48 hours  for an infected person to stay enclosed to a host and then transmit a disease. Hence why it is important that you need to closely monitor your body if you were exposed to a tick infested environment.   

How long can ticks live on your clothes?

If there are moist clothes, ticks can survive for about 2-3 days since they prefer to have high humidity levels. However, if there are ticks which have not fed , they cannot even survive on those surfaces for even 24 hours.

What states have no ticks?

All states in the United states have ticks. These nasty creatures could be a menace for you all year round.

Credit to : Smithsonian Channel

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