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Why Do I Have Tiny Bugs Crawling On Me ?

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Why do I have tiny bugs crawling on me? It could be due to creatures such as bugs and mites. However, analyzing them has become an issue simply due to the fact that they are small and due to the difficulty to spot them with your naked eyes. 

There are mites which could be harmful and harmless to  humans. However, dealing with them would be quite annoying.

Why Do I Have Tiny Bugs Crawling On Me

Why do I have tiny bugs crawling on me?

First I would like to briefly introduce what creatures crawl on you. As mentioned before that could be mites. Mites are tiny little creatures. They belong to the tick and spider family. They can result in mysterious itching and biting symptoms. 

You may come across a wide array of mites which have their own eating , biting and blood sucking  habits. They can even transmit diseases to humans as well. There are several kinds of  mite’s species, you could spot cover mites, house dust mites, itch mites or chiggers in your home. 

However, out of this, clover mites and house dust mites are not the type of mites which would irritate your skin. If we elaborate on the clover mites, they can invade your whole building, but they will not cause any health issues or any other irritation in your skin. House dust mites are yet another mites which would be most commonly spotted indoors.

However, once you inhale them, it would be troublesome for you. You can spot them under your pillows and they prefer to eat dead skin cells. Apart from these two mite types, itch mites are another tiny mite species. They would usually fulfill their dietary requirements by eating insects. However, they would bite humans also and you will feel something crawling in your skin and you will not feel any itchy feeling.

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Moreover, the itchy mites tend to eat plant material too. However, you can spot red itchy spots after their bite. They can live indoors for a long time. If we consider chiggers, they are fond of the carbon dioxide you breathe out. They will not draw blood from your skin. However they will release a saliva which will dissolve your skin. 

If you cannot spot them chances are that it will inflame, and there will be itchy spots. Apart from itchiness, you will spot red spots and skin lesions once the mites bite you. However, despite what type of the mite or the bugs which had attacked you. It is always best to act faster and get rid of them.

How to get rid of body mites and how to avoid mite bites

First and foremost, you need to identify their entry points to  your living space and get rid of them soon by vacuuming the area. When doing that, if you feel like the cracks and the gaps act as entry points for them, you need to first seal them up so that the mites cannot sneak into your space. 

Further you may place an air filter at your home and get rid of the dust. it will eradicate the  dust mites remaining there. Mites prefer to occupy the areas where there are high humidity levels. So, make sure that you are maintaining proper ventilation in that area.

To do that you can use an air conditioner and expose them to an intolerable temperature for them. Ensure that you are keeping the cleanliness of your house up to the standard. Moreover, wash your bedding regularly. Too. Not only that but also, you need to wash your curtains, carpets, and furniture often. 

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If you suspect of any mute infestation in a particular item, you need to seal it and throw it away so that it will not further spread the mites. Once you are sure that you got rid of the mites , there will be less potential to have mite attacks.

However, if you spot any skin irritation , the best thing is to consult a healthcare provider. Despite most of them being  harmless attacks your health care provider will give you a further recommendation.

Why Do I Have Tiny Bugs Crawling On Me

How to get rid of the feeling of bugs crawling on you?

First and foremost, you need to first get rid of the mites by removing them at the very moment you spot them. If you make them stay in your skin for too long, the symptoms could be worse. You can further take a hot and soapy bath. Next scrub your skin using a washcloth. 

Moreover, you can apply allergy medication on those itchy spots as well. Besides, you may apply a hydrocortisone cream to the affected area as well.

What is Formication?

Formication in simple words is having a feeling of insects crawling on or underneath your skin. Formica literally means ant in Latin language. It is a tactile hallucination. It is really a physical sensation. But, there is no actual sensation taking place here. Further, it would lead to itching and chances are that it gets worse at night, and it could even have a greater impact on the person’s quality of life. 

It could be in line with other issues as well. Literally if you stop taking some drugs or substances you may go through this feeling. Besides,  if you are suffering from diseases such as Parkinson disease, shingles,  anxiety, skin cancer, Lyme disease, you may experience this condition as well. 

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In addition to that, lower Estrogen levels during perimenopause and menopause condition which females go through could also go lead for  this condition. If you stop using drugs such as Ritalin, Wellbutrin, Lunesta Tramadol, and cocaine heroin , you may experience this condition.

Further, if you were an alcoholic person and all of a sudden if you stop consuming alcohol , it will also lead to formation. In that case, the best would be to get the opinion of a doctor. Unless you may suffer with further severe symptoms. The treatment for formication would vary depending on the cause of it. 

Having said that, many people tend to use a topical cream like hydrocortisone to treat this. Furthermore, you may also consider using moisturizers or barrier creams as they would keep your skin healthy. Not only that but also, you could use an ice pack on the affected areas so that it will give a soothing effect for them. 

If you wish to have a long-term plan, the best would be to get the consultation of the doctor. If you are going through the formication due to withdrawal of drugs best would be get professional support.

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