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What Kills Grass Permanently? (8 Ways)

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If you are an indoor person like me and have a garden you might have the overgrown grass problem. what is your solution for that? you need to do something about it. But trimming grass is not enough. You need a permanent solution. So, it is vital that you learn yourself what kills grass permanently. But can you do that?

You might think spraying something or pulling them would do the work. However, there will be a time when you will need to cut all the grass and start all over again. Keep in mind that if there is about 50% overgrown grass it is always best to kill all the grass and replace them with new grass. Once you kill all the grass on the lawn it would help you to get rid of all unnecessary overgrown grass as well as other weeds. Ultimately you will be left with grass and weed-free surfaces where you can start cultivating freshly. 

What Kills Grass Permanently

There are some people who opt to remove all the vegetation in the garden as well and their intention is to get a smooth and uneven yard by doing that. Further, they do that to correct drainage issues and soil compaction problems. In addition to that, it would allow them to restructure the in-ground irrigation system or even install a new one if they don’t have any. So, let’s start to discover more on this subject.

Why would need to kill the overly grown grass?

It is important that you kill the overly grown grass if you just try to control them, otherwise, it will keep reappearing. Hence, regardless of what you do to control them, you will have to do it over and over again as they regrow rapidly, especially during the spring. So, it is best to kill them and start all over again as then you don’t have to deal with this menace after that.

There are so many weed and grass-killing options to choose from. However, what is critically important is how consistently and how strategically you use them. Besides, you can go all natural if you want. For example, you can use an organic solution to kill the grass so that he can kill only the grass without harming the rest of the garden.

What are the factors you need to consider when killing the grass in the yard?

First and foremost you need to consider the magnitude of grass infestation in your yard as it has a great impact on determining the way you are going to kill the grass in the yard. Besides you need to be vigilant about the other vegetation in the yard as well. In addition to that, you need to figure out the time you can spend on this as well as on the budget.

However, if you use any chemical product it would be harmful to the other vegetation in your garden. So, you need to first identify whether you need to do a spot treatment or whether you need to do an all-over application. So, in this article, I am going to address the safe methods which you could use to kill the grass.  

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What Kills Grass Permanently

How to Kill Grass

Weed Killer

If you are looking for an easy, yet rapid and most effective way of killing the grass you could use a spray However when you use it you need to dilute and then use it. That said you may also come across ready-to-use options like glyphosate. It is noteworthy that glyphosate may probably cause toxicity if you don’t use it as instructed on the label.

If you wish to use a conventional herbicide, glyphosate would be a fine option. It would take 10 to 14 days to kill the grass entirely. Before you apply glyphosate I suggest you remove whatever dead weeds and grass you could spot. You could make use of a bow rake or a leaf rake to do this. Keep in mind that you should refrain from using the extended control of this solution as it may probably contain certain chemicals which would leave a residue in the soil for some time.


You may also use horticultural vinegar such as green gobbler to overcome this menace. Horticultural vinegar contains 10 % – 20 % acetic acid and it is in contrast with kitchen vinegar since kitchen vinegar contains only  5 % of acetic acid. Acetic acid results in a burning effect in these grasses. Most importantly, I suggest for you wear protective wear so that you can avoid any potential contact with the skin. There is readily available horticultural vinegar that you could use for this purpose. However, not everybody would be able to afford to buy this since it is a bit expensive.

There could be some people who opt to use homemade weed killers. However, they would not be that great when it comes to killing the grassroots. They would instead tend to kill the grass from top to down. However, it would make it easy for you to extract the grass from your yard after that. Having said that, if you keep applying this solution multiple times, it would ultimately turn out to be fatal on the grass. That is simply because vinegar would absorb the moisture and the nutrients of the grass and result in a lethal impact on them.


You may use bleach to kill the grass too. However, keep in mind that bleach could be harmful to the rest of other gardens as well. Hence, the best is to use this option only if there is no other vegetation around the grass. Further, keep in mind to wear protective clothing before you start working with this. You need to first arrange the below supplies to proceed with this option.

  • 5 cups of  chlorine bleach
  • 5 cups of boiling water
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First, you need to apply some bleach into a large bucket and then stir it with a long-handled spoon. Alternatively, you can use a piece of wood to do the stirring. Next, add this solution into a small spray bottle and then spray on the grass.  Don’t forget to cover the remaining bleach solution. Besides, keep in mind that you cannot use this solution after 24 hours and the best would be to dispose of them. Continue doing this until you entirely remove them. Ideally, you need to apply this once a week.

Try Soil Solarization with plastic

If you prefer to practice a chemical-free method of overcoming this menace, soil  Solarization is a fine way of doing that. This would be quite effective to treat both grass and other invasive weeds. This is a long-term process that would be very productive and it would help you get rid of this burden entirely.

To start off,  you can cover the entire lawn with plastic. Ideally, a heavy-duty black plastic would do the trick. First, you need to scalp down the lawn by using the mower. Try to remove the overly grown grass as much as you can. Right after that, you can cover your lawn with plastic. Ensure that you anchor its edges with sod staples boards or with some bricks. Alternatively, you may use other heavy items for this purpose. You can leave this covered for about six to eight weeks. That said, it could vary depending on the weather conditions. 

This is what happens here. When you keep the lawn covered, it blocks sunlight as well as moisture-like factors. Without those basic necessities, grass can not grow. So after 6-8 weeks grass will be completely in the covered area. Next, you can take the plastic cover out and remove the dead grass on your lawn. 

Thereafter you can resume growing other plants or another type of grass there again. However, you could try this method if you have some time spare because you have to do some prep work. And this is not a quick solution. You have to wait patiently for a longer period. If you are up to this condition, this is the perfect environmentally friendly method to get rid of grass permanently. 

What Kills Grass Permanently

Physically Remove It

The next option to overcome this issue is to physically remove the grass. You could make use of a sod cutter or do it manually. However when you do this ensure that you dispose of them properly.

Make your Lawn more healthy   

If you keep your lawn healthy, it is very unlikely that you will come across this menace. For example, I urge you to mow your lawn so that it would successfully control overly grown grass. Further, when you trim the tops of those grass it would make them weak.

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What Kills Grass Permanently

Use Chemical Control Method to Kill grass

If you want to have a faster result, the easiest thing you could do is to proceed with a store-bought chemical spray and then apply it to the grass. You need to select the right weed killer which would suit the grass on your lawn. When you apply you need to pay special attention to the rest of the vegetation in the yard and ensure that the chemical solution doesn’t make any impact on those.

Before using them, make sure that you go through their instructions properly, Usually, it is necessary that you dilute them and then apply them to the grass. One advantage of using this method is that you could cover a larger area if you use this option. In addition to that, it would reward you with fast results.

Baking Soda – The Powerful Natural Weed Killer

If you’re looking for a wonderful natural grass killer, baking soda would suit you the best. This works exactly in the same way vinegar works. Baking soda would absorb the moisture from the grass when you apply them to the grass. Ultimately it would wither the plants by absorbing all their water. You would only want to use one teaspoon of baking soda to eliminate this problem. So this is a cost-effective method to this problem.

You need to first wet the soil to make them moist. Thereafter you can sprinkle the teaspoon of baking soda over the grass tops. Let the plants absorb those and keep applying them for one month until you get rid of them entirely.

Next step: Avoid the grass from reappearing

Once you attend the weeding, I suggest you add a pre-emergent so that it would ensure that weeds or grass would not reappear there. There are some pre-emergents that may even consist of fertilizers as well as other nutrients. They will ensure this unwanted grass would not reappear on your lawn. You could consider adding them in early spring. These are safe-to-use products for any garden. Furthermore, you may consider adding a mulch layer to your garden. Literally, grass would tend to spread if there is ample space along with ample sunlight. So, when you add a mulch layer, it is very unlikely that grass would reappear there. 

Conclusion: What kills grass permanently?

I hope now you are well confident in dealing with grass overgrown situation and trust we have now covered all the doubts you had regards this aspect. So, try these tactics in your garden and eliminate this menace from your garden. Hope you had fun discovering the ways of killing the grass and that now you are all excited to try these methods out. 

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