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What Do I Put At The Bottom Of My Compost Bin?

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What do I put at the bottom of my compost bin? Let’s find out the answer in this article. 

What Do I Put At The Bottom Of My Compost Bin

I’ve been composting for years, and it is the best method of recycling organic waste in my opinion. Composting requires no landscape maintenance and can add a beautiful layer of green to your lawn. So I think this article will help you to find your answer.

What do I put at the bottom of my compost bin?

best is to avoid placing anything beneath it. That is simply because, if you place something under the compost bin, it would be difficult for the microorganism to reach the compost bin from the soil.

Keep in mind that if  the microorganisms can reach the soil, they can speed up the composting process. These creatures would help the organic materials to break down rapidly and due to that composting process could take place effectively and rapidly.

That said, if you have placed the compost bin on an uneven surface chances are  that the materials would fall out from the bin. So, if you come across such a situation you need to ideally place a wooden or a brick support right beneath the compost bin so that it would be stable.

Further many people opt to place a wooden support or bricks to collect the compost tea they release during the process as well.

Where you should exactly place the compost bin?

You need to ideally place a compost bin in a spot where they can gain sufficient sunlight levels. So, if you have to place the compost on a concrete or on any other patio slab, you need to ensure that there is a paper layer and twigs.

That way it would allow the worms and other creatures to colonize. Always try to go for a place where the compost bin can gain ample sunlight. Those conditions would be optimal for a faster composting process in the compost bin.

Can you place the compost bin on soil?

As aforesaid, you need to place the compost bin on soil. Then it would be easy for the healthy microorganisms  and other insects to reach the compost bin and get involved in the composting process.  Furthermore, it would provide a good air flow as well as a good drainage  for the compost bin.

These are some vital factors for a successful and effective composting.

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Can you place the compost bin on wire mesh ?

Setting the compost bin on a wire mesh base is one of the best ways of composting. If you wish to do that you need to dig a shallow hole for about 1 inch in depth. In fact,  it needs to have the same diameter as the bin.

Thereafter you need to cut a piece of wire mesh which is slightly larger than the diameter of the compost bin base and then place it on the hole. Finally, you may place your bin on top of both.

What Do I Put At The Bottom Of My Compost Bin

Can you place the compost bin on paving?

If you could , remove the paving which is right beneath the compost bin as this is the best thing you could do specially for paved or courtyard gardens. However there is a probability for the compost liquid to seep out of the bottom from the bin if you do so.

If it is becoming problematic, you need to ideally consider building a small, raised bed in which you have filled it with soil and then place the compost bin in it so that it contains the liquid within the soil in the raised bed. Thereafter you can plant around the compost bin.

That said if you are placing the compost bin on an older paving , many people would not find it problematic. Then you can introduce the soil dwelling organism manually.

To do that you need to simply add one or two shovels of soil to the compost bin base. Ideally you need to choose some homemade compost from a mature bin to do this task. 

Can you place the compost bin on decking ?

I don’t recommend placing the compost bin directly on a deck as chances are that the liquid may sometimes seep out from the bin and develop stains. So the best thing you could do here is to build  a raised bed right on top of the deck.

Alternatively, you may use deck boards to make the raised bed as well. in fact it would compliment the deck. Furthermore, You may seal the deck board  under the bed with some decking seal so that it would be safer. Thereafter you can line the raised bed bottom with some plastic too. Thereafter cut some drainage holes across the plastic surface where you could spot spaces between the deck boards.

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Next you need to fill the bed either with soil or with peat free compost as then they will retain the liquid seep out. So, when you plant anything around the bed, you could see them growing nicely and healthily as well.

Can you place the compost bin on gravel ?

You could place the compost bin on gravel be it a gravel garden or a gravel driveway. However, if you have placed a membrane beneath the gravel, best would be to cut a hole or slits in the membrane as then it would make it easy for the soil dwelling organisms  to reach the bin.

If you are worried whether you would make a mess when emptying the compost bin on the gravel, I urge you to place a plastic sheet so that it would keep the gravel clean.

Can you place the compost bin on concrete ?

You could place the compost bin on concrete only after laying a thin soil layer on it. That way you could attract the worms and other healthy microorganisms as well.

Many people , especially the ones who live in apartments, would opt to place something under the compost bin as then the compost tea would not release from them and mess the area. Furthermore, if you live in a waterlogged area, chances are that the soil there would be waterlogged and soggy all the time.

Then, the best thing you could do here is to place some support right beneath the compost bin so that it would protect the compost bin from excess moisture. 

What Do I Put At The Bottom Of My Compost Bin

Chose a level, well drained site

You need to always choose  a surface which is even to locate the bin. In addition to that it should be well draining as well. If you are using an open bottom compost bin, you need to make sure that you are choosing a well-draining surface. If you keep the compost to stay moist all the time, it will make your compost stink as well.

Furthermore, don’t even place the compost bin on a hard surface as that would not suit the compost bins. Moreover, you need to check whether there are any puddles which have appeared after rainfalls too. If there are any, you need to avoid placing the compost bins closer to those places as well.

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What should I put at the bottom of my compost bin?

You  need to ideally use uncooked fruit and vegetable waste should go in the bottom of the compost bin. If you end up using these materials on the top layers, chances are that the animals end up consuming them.

What is the first thing to put in a compost bin?

First, I suggest you place twigs, straw in the compost bin. The purpose of adding these elements are to enhance the draining and the aeration in the compost pile. Always ensure that you add compost in layers and you may consider adding materials such as food scraps, tea bags and seaweed as well.

Does a compost pile need a bottom?

If you are making a compost pile right from the beginning, you don’t need to add a bottom to it. Once you add the composting materials directly into the soil, it would be easy for the microorganisms to reach the compost soil and start the composting process.

On the other hand, it is good to have a bottom in your compost bin as if you do so, it would secure the compost pile from rodents and from the other insect types as well. Apart from that it would help to conserve the heat as well.

Heat is a crucial factor for the breakdown of the organic materials. I encourage you to have a base plate so that it would avoid the compost soil mixing with the soil which is underneath.


I think now you have the answer to the question “What do I put at the bottom of my compost bin”,

composting is Tiresome work…grainy, crumbly, time-consuming…but necessary. Composting is a natural process that requires no artificial equipment to work and no maintenance to run. It’s the perfect solution if you’re looking for a natural way to stay on top of yard waste, food scraps, and other organic waste.

I hope this article gave you an insight on what put at the bottom of the compost bin and the importance of doing this etc. So, use these tips for your composting activity and succeed at doing it !

Credit to : Diego Footer

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