Is It Illegal To Use Diesel To Kill Weeds?

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One day when I weeded my garden manually I thought Can I use diesel to kill weeds? Is it illegal? But if it is possible, that would be super easy for me. With that thought in my mind, I searched for an answer. I found so much information related to this topic and the answer to the main question. So let’s find out the impact of diesel on weeds.

So if you want to use diesel for your plant, you must remember diesel is fatal for weeds as well as for other plants which may be in contact with it. Be it plants, flowers, grass and any other crops. Diesel is a toxin that could turn out to be harmful to plant life, animals and humans too. So, my opinion is you should not use diesel as a weed killer. 

Diesel To Kill Weeds

Can you use diesel to kill weeds?

You could use diesel to kill the weeds but it is not legal. However, bear in mind that it would not help you to eradicate them. They would kill the weeds roots, stems as well as leaves. However, it would not make any impact on the seeds. Besides, when it is raining, it would wash away the rain and allow the seeds to germinate.

Does diesel kill the weed and is it legal?

It is not recommended to use diesel to kill weeds.  However, Diesel works as a fine means of killing the weeds. When you use diesel it is literally like you are burning the weeds with its toxic chemicals. It could impact the weeds in all parts except their seeds. So, if you apply diesel, it is more like you giving a temporary solution to overcome this menace. Literally whatever it gets in contact with would kill them.

Although the government lets them use weed killers they will not permit you to use diesel as a weed killer.  In fact, it can even kill all the living beings it may contact and due to that, it is best to refrain from using diesel to overcome weed. For example, it would be harmful to all living beings including insects, and soil microbes which play an important role in ecological balance and in sustainability.

If I further describe this, creatures such as bees would also be impacted badly if they get exposed to diesel. In fact, not a single bee will be able to survive if they get in contact with diesel. As you may know, bees are beneficial to humans. Besides that, the wain will wash out leftover diesel to water sources and due to that water sources will be contaminated. That means you can not drink that water. So, when considering all these facts, it is best to avoid using diesel to kill the weeds.

How to kill weeds with diesel fuel?

So, as you may realize it is not ideal to use diesel to control the weeds since they have a toxic nature. However, you may still use it if you live somewhere where you cannot locate any hardware store and if you have overloads of diesel to control the weeds.

How long does it take to kill the weeds?

It would take about 48 hours to completely finish this process. Once you apply the diesel, you could see how the leaves start to wilt and end up drying out. However, it takes more than regular time for the weed roots and the stems to respond to diesel as they are dense and sturdy.

Diesel To Kill Weeds

Is it a permanent solution?

As we stated at the beginning of the article,  using diesel to overcome the weed problem is not a permanent thing. It would impact almost all the parts of the weeds except for its seeds. Hence, weeds can germinate and produce new weeds within a short period of time. However, you could use diesel in the following way and try to overcome the weeds problem. First, you need to arrange the following supplies.

Things you need to arrange are as follows.

  • Fuel-safe canister where you can store the diesel
  • Protective gear such as gloves, mask, safety glasses/goggles. Besides, long sleeve jumpers, long pants which you could use to cover yourself.
  • Plastic spray bottle which contains a  straight spraying nozzle.
  • Funnel.
  • Trowel.
  • Sand for cleaning purposes if you come across any spills.

The step-by-step guide on how to do it.

First and foremost you need to purchase 1-2 gallons of diesel to start off the proceedings. That said, it could vary depending on the area and the characteristics of the weed infestation. Next store them in a safe fuel canister. Thereafter you need to protect yourself by wearing protective gear. Thirdly, fill the plastic spray bottle with diesel and you could make use of a funnel to pour them into the spray bottle. Make sure that you do this step in a well-ventilated place unless it could turn out to be destratrous. More importantly, ensure that you fasten the nozzle once you poured all of it into the spray bottle.

Next, spray it in a fine mist on the weeds and don’t over-apply diesel as then it would be harmful. When you spray them, target the roots of the weed and make their base moist. It is not necessary to spray them on the stems or the leaves as when the roots perish it would kill the rest of the plants. When you finish spraying them, you need to pour the leftover diesel into the fuel canister whilst using the funnel.

Next store this in a place where it will be secure from your pets and kids. Ideally, it needs to be a cool dark area. Don’t forget to label it properly too. Finally, you need to allow them some time to exhibit the signs of the full effect of the diesel application on them. if you can still spot any remaining roots, you need to dig them out while using a trowel.

Next, dispose of them correctly. Further, if you can still see any weeds appearing, you need to rinse them and continue doing this process until you get the desired results. Moreover, if you spot any diesel spills, you need to sprinkle some sand on them and then soak them up.

Diesel To Kill Weeds

What are the safety precautions you need to follow

Secure the pets from the treated areas

You need to apply diesel to the weed infestation quite cautiously as it contains a toxin. So, you need to follow certain safety precautions and then apply them unless they could be harmful to you as well as to other creatures living around. Diesel has a unique smell, and you may tend to smell them as they have this fragrance. However, these smells are not safer for you to inhale.

So, if your pets end up inhaling them, it would cause unnecessary problems. They would not hesitate to smell those since the animals are curious.  So, when you apply this, you need to always keep the animals inside the house. If they don’t listen to you. Consider placing some barriers around the treated area which would refrain the pets from approaching there. Ideally, you need to keep the pets away from the treated areas for a few hours. That way it would allow some time for the diesel to get soaked up in the soil.

Analyze the surrounding of your yard

You need to consider certain things before you apply diesel. Ideally, you need to check whether there is any water supply closer to the area where you are going to treat. If you end up spraying those closer to the water sources, chances are that it would harm the people around the area.  

Further, check whether there is any close area with flammable liquids or ignition sources. If you end up using diesel closer to those areas, chances are that it may cause a fire or an explosion. So, ensure that you use them somewhat far from those sources. Not only that but also you need to check whether there is any confined space and if there is any diesel remaining in those areas and if you end up inhaling them chances are that it would turn out to be dangerous for them.

Apart from the above, the weather could be another key factor that would affect the spraying. Ideally, you need to spray them in the morning hours when you believe the next 48 hours would be dry. That way it would allow the diesel to dry up.

Use protective gear (PPE).

Human skin may tend to soak anything they get in contact with regardless of whether it is healthy or unhealthy. So if you happen to get in contact with toxic diesel it could aid in so many unnecessary problems. Hence, consider protecting yourself by wearing thick gloves, a pair of safety glasses, a long-sleeved jumper and long pants.

Store the diesel in a safe place

Storing diesel properly is a crucial factor when we consider the precautionary steps. Ensure that you store them in a labeled full safe container. You can purchase these containers from Home Depot if you live in the USA. Next, ensure that you place the container in a cool dark area that is protected from hot sunny conditions. If not, chances are that they may tend to explode.

What are the other ways of killing the weeds?

If you don’t want to proceed with using diesel to kill the weeds, you could go ahead with an organic weed killer, rubbing alcohol, salt and vinegar mix, or even using selective and non-selective herbicides. Apart from that you could pick them up manually or add boiling water to them.

Diesel To Kill Weeds

Related questions

Can You Mix Diesel with Water to Kill Weeds?

You cannot mix diesel and water. These two liquids would separate. Usually, diesel would stay at the top whilst water would stay at the bottom. So, if you want to use diesel to kill the weeds, ensure that you don’t mix it with water.

Does Roundup work better with diesel?

It would be a great combination to use roundup with diesel and it would kill the weeds. Usually, it would take about three hours to give the result of the roundup application. So, if you add diesel it would further speed up the effect of the roundup. However, you can do this only if you wish to do so.

Can Diesel Get Rid of Grassy Weeds?

Yes, you could use diesel to get rid of the weeds, however, what you need to be mindful of is that they could be harmful to all the other vegetation around.

Final thoughts

If you are a gardener, having a heap of weeds on a footpath is a very common sight to spot and I am sure everybody wants to get rid of them as soon as possible. Weeds literally mean they would grow freely without any control. In addition to that, they would badly affect the growth of the other plants as well. Spotting weeds in your footpath or in the paved area literally means so much worry for you. So, if you don’t have a weed killer, you could make use of a bit of diesel and get the work done for you.  

So, if we recap on what we covered here in the article, yes diesel would kill the weeds as well as the other vegetation around the weeds. Having said that you may use diesel as it is very easy to apply as well. More importantly, cost-effectiveness is one more advantage of using those. So, to wind up, I hope this article was able to clear all your doubts if you had any and now that you have a better idea of how to apply them.

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