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Is Cockroach Poop Dangerous? (There Is A Health Risk)

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You can find cockroaches in the many houses in the world. But do you know everything about them? In this article I am going to discuss one such cockroach related problem; “is cockroach poop dangerous ?” Let’s find out the answer here.

Is Cockroach Poop Dangerous

Is cockroach poop dangerous?

Cockroach poop is dangerous and they have so many bad health effects for humans. You could find certain proteins such as allergens in the cockroach feces, saliva and in their body parts. It will cause allergic reactions. Further it will result in asthma. It will be a major health problem particularly for the children.

Cockroaches can consume whatever we consume. Besides, they eat things such as leather, cardboard, and feces. From the food industry perspective, Cockroaches are considered as one of the biggest mence. Further, they will be an indication of poor handling of food, storage and sanitization.

What does cockroach poop look like?

If we consider the small Cockroaches, they leave behind specs in brown and in black. Further, the appearance depends on personal opinion. One might say they look like coarse coffee. Whereas some might think they look like ground black pepper.

Further, some might think they look like brown or black fecal stains as well. they may look like dark ink to some people. Further Cockroaches poop may also look like a smear.

If we consider larger Cockroaches, they leave behind solid feces and those are cylindrical in shape. You could spot them in brown or in black. 

Besides, they will carry ridges on the feces right from tip to tip. You could use them to differentiate the cockroaches drooping among the mouse droppings. Mouse drooping does not have ridges. Mouse droppings are larger than the cockroach droppings and they could carry short hairs as well.

We can consider German cockroaches, brown banded cockroaches as smaller cockroaches. You can commonly spot these two cockroach types in the United States.

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On the other hand, American cockroaches, smoky brown cockroaches and oriental cockroaches are some larger cockroaches. However young cockroaches which belong to the smaller cockroach species will have smaller droppings. You could call them specs. The larger cockroach larvae will leave behind feces which are cylindrical and ridged. It is just that they are smaller when we compare them to the adult drooping.

Is Cockroach Poop Dangerous

What should I do if I find cockroach poop?

First thing you need to do is vacuum the house. After that apply soap and warm water. On the infested areas. Having said that, if you clean them up without protecting yourself, it will also lead to infestation. You may also contact a pest control service and get it done in an effective manner.

Do roaches poop in the same place?

They do not poop in the same place as mammals. Besides, they do not have any specific place to poop. You can spot them drooping at random places. However, you can find their droppings closer to the food sources or closer to damp places as that is where they usually spend most of their time. Humans usually use bathrooms for this purpose whereas cockroaches can defecate anywhere they go. Having said that cockroach’s poop can be found in congregation areas also. 

However, since your food sources are in close contact with their food, there is a high probability of having your food contaminated due to this.

You can find cockroaches’ feces wherever you come across them. If you come across any scurry behind a picture in the wall or even underneath your bed, there is a high probability for you to find droppings too. You can commonly find cockroaches pooping in the corners of the rooms, along the baseboards, on tops of shelves, cabinets, and doors. You can find cockroaches pooping inside the drawers, pantries, closets cabinets and the list goes on.

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Children’s playpens, toy chests, food storage areas are some of the other commonly spotted places where you can find cockroach poop. 

Besides, you can spot the cockroaches pooping underneath the refrigerators and behind the refrigerators as well. Cockroaches’ poop can be found in stoves, washers, dryers and even in sinks too. Not only that but also, you can commonly find the cockroach’s poop in any crack’s openings in the floor, walls, or even in structures in storage areas.

If there are any organic material structures such as cardboard boxes, cockroaches prefer to poop in those areas well. papers are yet other locations where they prefer to release their droppings.

What is the difference between roach poop and mouse poop?

  • Cockroach poop could be identified using their color, size and the texture. They will carry a texture which is waxy. They will smear like a thick fil, approximately 3-6 mm in length. 
  • On the other hand, the mouse drooping, they will be shiny black in color and would be about ½- ¾ inches in length. However, the mice drooping would be smaller than that too.
  • Cockroach poop have ridges which would be quite effective in identifying them along with the mouse drooping. Mouse drooping does not have ridges on their poop. 
  • Further the mouse drooping is slightly larger when compared to cockroaches’ poop. 
  • Cockroaches poop do not contain any hair whereas mouse droppings have hairs. 
  • Cockroaches drooping could be either brown or black. Further they carry rides from tip to tip as aforesaid. 
  • If you look at these two poop types closer, you will see that mouse drooping has a pointed end and cockroaches’ poop does not have that.

As explained in the above, you can easily identify the cockroach’s poop since they could resemble the look of ground coffee or black pepper. The droppings left behind by the larger cockroaches are dark and cylindrical in shape.  

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What happens if you accidentally eat cockroach poop?

If you eat it by mistake you will feel the taste of it like a bitter Chinese medicine and they could create an allergic reaction in your body. However, if you may wish, you can consult a doctor and get their opinion.

Is Cockroach Poop Dangerous

Does Roach droppings mean infestation?

If you find any Cockroaches drooping, that surely means there is a Cockroaches infestation. They can eat whatever they find and leave behind the poop. Additionally, if there is any unpleasant smell, it means there is a serious cockroach infestation.

Furthermore, you may also come across the dead bodies of the Cockroaches. Additionally, if there are oval shaped cockroach eggs, that is also an indication to let you know that there is cockroach infestation present in that area.

How to get rid of cockroach poop

First you need to start vacuuming up whatever the loose droppings you find. Further you can use the vacuum with a HEPA filter as it could reduce the airborne contaminants. Once you complete this activity you need to dispose of them efficiently as well. After that you can use soapy water to wipe it down to the surface. 

You can remove the smears and stains also. Further they will leave the musty odor and pheromones as well. chances are that you may find the Cockroaches in your walls also. So, if you wish you may also consult a pest control service and get it done too.


Before wrapping this up, Cockroaches menace is something many people may suffer from in their day to day lives. So hope you found this article very useful and now that you know how to identify the Cockroaches poop and the ways of overcoming them. 

Credit to : Joe Howto

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