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Is Anthurium Poisonous To Dogs ? Unfortunately Yes !

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Is anthurium poisonous to dogs? Here I have an answer for you. If you have a pet dog, this article might be helpful to you.

Is Anthurium Poisonous To Dogs

Is anthurium poisonous to dogs?

Anthurium can cause poisoning in dogs. However, in terms of the toxicity of the plants, it has the toxin called Calcium Oxalate (crystals). That said, anthurium leaves could also be toxic too. In fact, all the parts of the plants consist of this toxin, and it is what could cause intense pain and irritation in dogs. However, it could be toxic once the dogs ingest them only.

Once the dogs chew them or swallow them, chances are that it may even cause gastrointestinal allergies. There is a great tendency for the dogs to experience this as they tend to always sample attractive looking plants. Before we proceed further, if I briefly explain about anthurium plants, they go by the common names called Flamingo plant, Tail Flowers. 

Many people tend to grow them indoors for their decorative value. The highlight of these plants are their bright heart shaped leaves . Anthurium plants consist of way looking leaves too. The sword shaped or the heart shaped flower would usually arise on the tall stem.

What toxin can cause the poisoning ?

Calcium Oxylate is the key factor which could cause the toxicity of the dogs. The Oxalic acid comprises Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Calcium as well. Calcium Oxylate is the key factor which could cause kidney stones. Not only that, it could create deposits in vats. This is an irritant as it could result in swelling and avoid speech as well. If you apply it directly on to the skin, it could be allergic.

How poisonous are anthuriums ?

It could be poisonous to the level where it could result in cardiac arrhythmia , diarrhea ,dilated eyes etc. In addition to that , your dogs will not be able to swallow well as they usually do. Apart from that, your dogs may suffer from excessive drooling compared to other days. 

It would also result in loss of appetite , difficulties in respirations etc. Further you could see a numbness of the exposed area, obstruction in the airway too. Further they may also tend to rub and paw their mouth and face quite often.

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Which part of anthurium is poisonous?

Anthurium plants leaves, the flower stalks comprise of the toxin called Calcium Oxalate. This could be what causes the poisoning, and it could be very irritating once you ingest them.

What to do if your dog eats anthurium ?

It is vital that you act fast and treat the dogs immediately as soon as you figure out that your dogs have ingested the parts of the anthurium plant. However before you start treating them, you need to ascertain whether your beloved dogs have consumed and ingested the plants parts. 

Once the dogs ingested the plants parts, you could not immediately witness the symptoms of the poisoning. Chances are that it would take about two hours to develop the symptoms. If you are unsure what exactly your dog consumed and if you wish to ascertain that, best would be to bring your dogs to the veterinarian. 

Veterinarian will conduct a comprehensive inspection on events where your dogs are involved and the things they ate other than what they are supposed to consume. To ascertain these factors, vet doctors will conduct a complete blood count of the dogs, a biochemistry profile etc.

In addition to that , vet doctors may also conduct a urinalysis so that it would be easy for them to figure out what exactly went wrong and what has caused the toxicity . Further consider that your beloved had consumed anthurium plants in big chunks and ended up vomiting, then the vet doctors may even take samples from that and do relevant testing. Chances are that vomit may consist of leaves, stems which he could use to do a proper diagnosis. 

Treatment of Anthurium Poisoning in Dogs

First and foremost, you should start first aid immediately. To do that, you need to rinse the mouth of the dogs and all other affected areas. You should use clean water for this purpose and try your maximum to take off the remaining poison as much as you can. Consider feeding the dogs with something cool so that it will ease the pain that they go through, and it will help them to thrive until you visit the doctor.

They would feel an unpleasant taste once they ingest the anthurium plant parts and once you rinse them it would avoid them trying out more plant materials. Further once you consult the vet doctor , he may even prescribe a pain reliever or an antihistamine depending on the severity of the toxicity of the dogs. 

If you suspect that your beloved dog has consumed a large chunk of your anthurium plants, you need to immediately consult a veterinarian and get his service to avoid any potential severe repercussions. Most probably the veterinarian will prescribe fluid treatments for your dogs so that it would avoid the dogs suffering from dehydration. 

In addition to that the veterinarian may further prescribe gastro protective medications also so that it can avoid any damages to the lining of the stomach. If the dogs are suffering from any obstruction in their airway, it is very important that you keep them under your observation for some time. 

Besides, if the dogs have consumed the anthurium plant in major chunks, veterinarians may even conduct checkups on the livers and on the kidneys of the dogs. They will keep monitoring the dogs for some time.

Is Anthurium Poisonous To Dogs

What happens if a cat eats anthurium?

If a cat eats an anthurium, it would undoubtedly be poisonous for the cats just like the dogs. If they eat big chunks, it will badly affect the cat’s wellbeing. However, it is very unlikely that they would eat them in big quantities as the taste of anthurium is awful. That said, if your cats consume the anthurium in smaller amounts, it could also cause oral irritation. They may suffer from excessive drooling. 

Furthermore, the cats would find it difficult to swallow as well. In addition to that tongue , mucous will tend to swallow too. Chances are that your cats may even suffer from vomiting. Lastly, they may have difficulties in respiration too. If you suspect any poisoning of the cats due to ingestion of anthurium plants, you need to immediately take them to the veterinarian. 

Once the cats experience difficulties in breathing you need to take them to the doctor as soon as possible. However, if the cats seem to be okay and don’t develop major symptoms, you could just let them drink some water. 

Are anthuriums toxic to kids?

Yes, they are toxic for the kids. Kids can react in the same way your pets do once they ingest anthurium plant materials. The toxin called calcium Oxylate crystals are what could be the root cause for the poisoning. It can result in severe itching. Further if the plant sap gets in touch with the kids, it can even burn the skin. Once the kids consume the plant’s materials, they may also go through breathing difficulties. 

Further they could also go through gastrointestinal allergies too. In simple words, kids react the same way that your pests would do for the poisoning of the anthuriums. Further if the kids have a weaker immunity system chances are that enzymes in the anthuriums plant sap can turn out to be fatal on them too. 

So be mindful when you grow them indoors especially when you have kids around your home. Ideally you need to choose a spot where your kids cannot reach them easily. I recommend placing the plants right on top of the shelves or even hanging them somewhat higher in the wall.

Can anthurium cause allergies?

Yes it certainly can. So, if there are people, pets who ingest anthurium, it could result in the poisoning and leave you with allergies. Anthuriums consist of the aforesaid toxin called Calcium Oxalate and once you get in touch with sap of the plants, it can cause redness and irritation in the skin. It may cause blisters in the skin. Not only that, the strong aroma which releases from the anthuriums would make you cough and sneeze as well. In addition to that you may go through respiration difficulties and with a runny nose too.

Can anthurium cause hayfever?

No, anthurium does not cause hayfever. Hayfever or allergic rhiniti caused by an allergic response to outdoor or indoor allergens, such as pollen, dust mites, or tiny flecks of skin and saliva shed by cats, dogs, and other animals with fur or feathers. Since anthurium does not produce much pollen they do not cause hayfever.

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Anthuriums are some legendary plants which many people have kept growing indoors for so many years. There are some interesting beliefs with regards to cultivating Anthuriums indoors too. Anthurium’s sword or heart shaped flowers would amaze anybody, and it would bring so much glamor wherever you grow them.

Literally it would make a magical impression in the entire space and would attract anybody’s attention. It would bring a sense of happiness, serenity. In addition to that, they would be great as gift items also. However, bearing all these in mind, it is vital that you keep yourself educated on the toxins of the plants and how it could be poisoning. I hope now you are well aware of how to react to any poisoning of your dogs due to ingesting Anthuriums plants.

Credit to : Veterinary Secrets

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