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How To Kill Worms in a Drinking Water Tank ?

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There are pros and cons of having an overhead tank or drinking water tanks in your house. One major con is pests in your drinking water tanks. In this article I am going to discuss how to kill worms in a drinking water tank and what you should do to prevent them from invading your water tank.  

How To Kill Worms in a Drinking Water Tank

How to kill worms in a drinking water tank?

You can use Hydrosil ultra to kill the worms in the drinking water tank and it is one of the most effective ways of killing the worms. Hydrosil ultra is safe for humans, and you can even use them for drinking purposes after you apply them. You can obtain  Hydrosil ultra in different sizes. You simply have to apply it on the water tank, and it will act as a sterilizer to the tank. After about 40 minutes, you can drink the water in the water tank as well.

You should use 200 ml of hydrosil ultra for every 1000 liters of water for best results. 

First, open the Hydrosil ultra bottle and add it to the water tank as per the aforesaid quantities. First you should add  5 liters of it and soak it into water. After that you should use a hose and connect it to the pressure pump of the tank. Next, turn the pump on and let water move through the hose to the tank. That will allow the stir in the tank whilst having Hydrosil ultra in it.

Next, calculate the water quantity which is moving through the pipeline to your home. When you stir the water, simultaneously you can turn the taps on. 

Consequently, you will get Hydrosil water moving through the pipelines to your home. Check whether the tap situated in the far end of your home releases Hydrosil ultra water.

This process will decolonize the worms and the bugs in the water tank and when we turn the taps on, we will get the Hydrosil ultra treated water to move through. Now you can consider that you have killed the worms in the water tank.

What causes worms in Drinking water tank ?

If there were birds and insects in the water tank, chances are that you may find their feces and the parasitic eggs in the water tank. For example, bird or possum drooping on the roof can contribute to this. Further if there are any human feces leaking from septic systems or wastewater drainage , that would also contribute  to this. If there are any algae and bacteria , it would also result in worms in your drinking water tank.

How do I know if I have parasites in my water?

If you had taken water from a contaminated water tank and if you were sick, there would be symptoms such as follows. Chances are that you may suffer from these after a few weeks’ time.

  • Diarrhea with foul smell along with stools which are greasy and soft.
  • Fatigue
  • Stomach pains and bloating
  • Gas
  • Nausea
  • Weight loss

What happens if we drink water with worms?

If you happen to drink water with worms, you will first feel a change in the taste. They could release objectionable tastes and certain odors to water which you may find quite unpleasant. There are further studies to be conducted to decide where they are carrying any disease bearing bacteria which they may contain in their bodies.

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As such best would be to refrain from drinking water which has worms.

However, if we drink water which is contaminated with parasites it would result in serious health  problems such as severe pain, dysfunctions etc. Further chances are that it may even result in death. They are linked to long term diseases. You would commonly find these if you keep your water tank untreated for the parasites,

Why is it important to kill worms in drinking water tanks?

If you drink water with worms, it will create parasitic infection. There could be different individuals who have different immunities. Hence anybody could have parasitic infection anytime. With that being said, the people who already suffer from a sickness and who have a compromised immune system, there will be a greater risk for parasite infections. 

Besides, if you live in a tropical subtropical area, those parasitic infections would be risky for you. Consequently You will also find it difficult to find a healthy drinking water supply in those areas.

Parasitic worm diseases

Giardia intestinalis

This is called giardia in general. These are protozoa which could spread quite easily. Children are quite susceptible to this disease. Giardia intestinalis could survive in water for several months. They can further develop into adult protozoa whilst staying enclosed to the small intestine wall of human. 

Besides, they are very active in reproducing the cysts and would end up becoming parasites. When they  cause an infection , it will result in a gastrointestinal illness.

In case if you swallow Giardia germs, you will end up having giardiasis. They can develop faster  and spread faster too. They will spread among people if they consume contaminated water mainly. Other than that, people could get this condition through food, surface and from objects as well. Having said that, the most common way of having this is due to consuming contaminated water. Further they could spread through water sources such as in  lakes, pools etc. 

Toxoplasma gondii

Toxoplasma gondii is a commonly spotted parasitic infection among humans as well as among other warm-blooded animals. Literally it can infect up to one third of animals. They would create a major health impact for the kids who have a weak immunity. Moreover, it would be unhealthy for the patients who suffer from serious illnesses. 

This infection spread through contaminated water. Besides, contaminated fruits, vegetables, and undercooked meat could also spread this infection. They could be so annoying as this parasite could enter the bloodstream of a person when he ingests it. However, if someone has a strong immunity system, he can resist these parasitic infections.


Cryptosporidium is a parasite which is present in water particularly in lakes and in rivers. It usually takes place due to sewage and due to animal waste. They can stay alive in water for prolonged periods despite whether they get a host or not. However, it will take about one to two weeks to overcome this completely. 

Chances are that this condition would be life threatening if a person who has a weak immunity contracts this.On the other hand, if someone who has a normal immunity  system contracts this, you could see the symptoms lasting for about 1-2 weeks. 

However, it is not necessary to use any medication here. Having said that , if someone who has a compromised immune system goes through this condition, this infection can last in that person’s immune system for extended periods. 

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Further chances are that it could be serious too. You need to filter the water to get rid of this parasite.

Entamoeba histolytica

Entamoeba histolytica is the key factor which could cause amoebiasis or amebic dysentery. You may ingest this through drinking water which is contaminated with fecal matter and amoeba contains in the fecal matter.

Dracunculus Medinensis

The parasite called helminth nematodes is a  roundworm. They usually depend on the living host to supply  their nutrients as well as  for their protection. Consequently, it will make the host weak and sick. They could cause diseases such as Guinea worm diseases, dracunculiasis.

Once the people swallow them with drinking water , larvae would move to the skin from their intestines and then cause sores. You need to treat them well in advance and ideally before you have to remove them from the skin.  Keep in mind that it would take a few years to get rid of these symptoms.

How to prevent parasitic infection from drinking water

Natural treatments

There are so many  natural ways of treating the parasite attacks and they are very effective in killing the various parasites. Majority of the parasites tend to attack the people who have a weak immunity. Further chances are that these people may have taken anti parasitic herbs as well.  

However, they will only have slow results and it is very unlikely that you will get rid of them completely. When you eliminate these parasites from your immunity system, it will allow them to regenerate. Further it will allow you to have a healthy body. So, following are some of the natural ways of getting rid of them.


Turmeric has so many benefits when it comes to health.  Many people use them to treat parasitic infections as well. You can apply them to your dishes or even make tea from it. Besides, you can take them as supplements, if you do not prefer the turmeric smell. However, ensure that you are using the natural turmeric powder as you may get caught up with fake turmeric powder.

Lemon Seeds

You can use crushed lemon seeds to kill parasites. To remove the seeds, you can simply slice an organic lemon and take out the seeds. To crush you can use a blender and do it. Next mix it with a glass of water and drink it. You can even chew them and swallow if you are okay with the taste of it.

Milk and castor oil

First you need to obtain 8 ounces of warm milk and pour it into a glass. Next add two teaspoons of castor oil and drink it. It will make the parasites perish and they will leave your body through your bowels. I suggest you drink one glass of the mixture on a daily basis, and you need to keep doing it for about one week’s time. 

Seeds of papaya

Instead of throwing out the papaya seeds, you can swallow the seeds as they will help to get rid of the parasites in your body.


Garlic has antibacterial and antifungal properties which would be fatal for the  parasites. All you need to do is to mix slightly crushed one or two cloves of fresh organic garlic and consume them every morning. This would be one effective way of getting rid of the parasites. If you ensure that you do this, it will allow you to become parasite free in a short period such as in one week’s time.

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Rice Vinegar

As you may already know, vinegar is a healthy substance for many illnesses. Hence you can use them  to treat the parasites in your body as well. I suggest you use more acidic vinegar so that it could bring you better results. To use them, you need to apply one tablespoon of rice vinegar into a glass of water. You may also use apple cider vinegar instead of rice vinegar. Next you need to drink it on a daily basis, and it would kill the parasites.

If the parasite  infection is on a severe level, best would be to drink three glasses of this daily.   

Pomegranate Juice

You may eat fresh pomegranates or even drink juice from it.

If you drink a glass of pomegranate, it will kill the parasites. Besides, it will help you keep your body resistant to parasites.


Coconut water is something which could be fatal for parasites. Besides drinking them, you can also chew coconut flesh raw to kill the parasite. Moreover , grated coconut will also be fatal for the parasite. If you want to make it further strong for the parasite, you can mix some coconut milk into the grated raw coconut and drink it together.

Can parasites be in tap water?

Some parasites can reach the water from the stool of the infected animals and people. Cryptosporidium parasites are a fine example for this. Further parasites such as Giardia could also be commonly spotted in tap water. They would reach tap water from agricultural runoff, wastewater discharge or even from animal stools as aforesaid. Further kids with digestive diseases and the people who have diarrhea  may also contaminate the water with these parasites.

How common are parasites in water?

If you have properly maintained and cleaned water tanks it is very rare that you have to deal with the parasites in water. You could commonly find the parasites in water surfaces such as in ponds, lakes, rivers and in streams. If there are human or animal stools passed in those areas, it would lead to parasites in water.

Do water filters remove parasites?

It is said that powerful water filtration can effectively contend against chlorine resistant parasites. For example, they will be quite effective against overcoming parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Not all home water filters can remove these parasites. For example, the filters which have the word called  reverse osmosis on the label are very effective in overcoming the parasite called Cryptosporidium.


To wind up, the contamination of your drinking water may result in the aforesaid diseases, and it is important that you fight against them to keep your body healthy. Further ensure that you have a strong immune system so that you can stay parasite free. 

Besides, you may practice the aforesaid natural modes of preventing the disease-causing parasite infestations in your body. Be mindful of the water source you are using and ensure that you keep your kids protected from the contaminated water so that you will not have to experience  diseases as explained in the above.

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