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Does Dragon Fruit Have Caffeine? (May Be Not)

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My friend one day asked me “Does dragon fruit have caffeine?”, and I did not have an answer then. I found the answer later and it surprise me and my friend. So I searched about it more and prepared this article just for you. 

Does Dragon Fruit Have Caffeine

Does dragon fruit have caffeine?

They don’t have caffeine in them. However, you may come across several drinks which are made out of dragon fruit which contain caffeine. Those are added caffeine and natural dragon fruit does not contain caffeine.

If I briefly explain what Dragon fruit is, it usually grows on Hylocereus cactus. They are also known as Honolulu queens and they would emerge with flowers at night.

These plants are endemic to Southern Mexico and to Central America as well. Having said that, you could spot them forming all over the world. Some of the common names of these plants are pitaya, pitahaya and strawberry pear etc.

If I describe the appearance of the Dragon fruit further, they would usually come up with a red skin and they may further carry green scales as well. They would resemble the look of a dragon and that has earned them the name called dragon fruit.

They would further consist of black seeds and with a white pulp as well. In addition to that you may occasionally come across a dragon fruit variety which consists of red pulp and black seeds.

Lastly you may also come across a dragon fruit variety which has a yellow skin. It would consist of white pulp and black seeds. One might find the dragon fruit appearance as exotic. However, they are similar to the other fruits.

Dragon fruit nutrition

Dragon fruit has small amounts of multiple nutrients. Further it is also a decent source of elements such as iron, magnesium and fiber as well. Find below a list of nutrients which may include 3.5 ounces of Dragon fruit or in 100g of them.

  • Calories: 60
  • Protein: 1.2 grams
  • Fat: 0 grams
  • Carbs: 13 grams
  • Fiber: 3 grams
  • Vitamin C: 3% of the RDI
  • Iron: 4% of the RDI
  • Magnesium: 10% of the RDI
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Dragon fruit has a major component of fiber and magnesium. Further they have a minor component of fiber as well.

As such you can consider dragon fruit as a fruit which has a high density of nutrients. You could emphasize this fact from the above facts as they act as a good source of several vitamins and minerals as well.

What does dragon fruit taste like?

The ripe dragon fruits may carry a sweet flavor which is more like a mix of pear and kiwi flavor. Their texture would also be soft just like a ripe kiwi. However, if the dragon fruit is not ripened, it would not carry any specific flavor.

Each dragon fruit would start to bloom in the dark. As aforesaid, they would come up with all edible seeds which would taste like the kiwi seeds. Dragon fruit may carry thorns, however you can easily remove them.

Does Starbucks dragon fruit drink have caffeine?

As per the Starbuck website, Starbuck dragon fruit drinks contain caffeine. In addition to that it contains one scoop of dragon fruit, coconut milk and ice.

Does Dragon Fruit Have Caffeine

Does the mango dragon fruit lemonade have caffeine?

Yes it does. That is simply because the makers add coffee extract to the drink. Having said that, the dragon fruit lemonade flavor may exceed the caffeine flavor.

If we consider a 16-ounce grande mango dragon fruit, it would usually contain 140 calories, 15 mg of sodium. Apart from that it may also contain 33g of carbs, 1 g of protein and 45 mg of caffeine.

Does dragon fruit powder have caffeine?

The dragon fruit itself does not contain caffeine. Having said that, there are beverages which are made out of dragon fruit which consist of caffeine. For example, we can consider Starbucks mango dragon fruit drink which usually gets caffeine from the green coffee extract.

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Do any fruits contain caffeine?

Some fruit plants contain caffeine. For example, you can find it in cocoa beans, guarana and in kola nuts as well.

Caffeine stimulates the activities of the nervous system and it naturally occurs in about 60 odd plant species. In addition to aforesaid fruit plants, caffeine includes in yerba mate plants, guarana berries, guayusa and in yaupon holly as well.

What fruits and vegetables contain caffeine?

Not any favorite vegetable plants contain caffeine. But you could find caffeine in coffee plant (in beans), cacao and in guarana plants. If I further elaborate on the Guarana plants, they are endemic to the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and they are well renowned for their antioxidant and stimulant properties.

Guarana plants are made of methylxanthines, and caffeine is one of those elements. Once you consume the guarana plants it would increase the energy and protect you from high blood pressure as well. Not only that but also, it would protect you from obesity and metabolic syndrome among the older people.

You may find caffeine in the Kola nut plants as well. These are endemic plants to West Africa. Kola nuts are the Kola tree seeds. You may consume the kola nuts either fresh or dried. Further many people tend to use their extract as a food additive too.

Kola nuts are also renowned for their potential health benefits due to the high caffeine component they have.

Does Dragon Fruit Have Caffeine

Related questions

Does dragon fruit give you energy?

Dragon fruit does give you energy. It literally can boost the immunity in your body. Dragon fruits have high components of vitamin C and some other antioxidants too. These are the elements which could stimulate the immunity of the body and enhance your energy.

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In addition to that, it could stimulate the iron levels of the body and give you energy. The Vitamin C in the dragon fruit could literally help the iron circulation in the body.

Is dragon fruit high in sugar?

Dragon fruits are not high in sugar, instead they have less sugar. Further they have less carbs when you compare them with other tropical fruits. Dragon fruits have multiple health benefits too. Dragon fruits are unique and extremely favorable fruit items which would perfectly fit in for your diet.

Many people tend to use these to prevent and manage type 2 diabetes. The whole dragon fruit contains 50 calories and just eight grams of sugar.

Is dragon fruit anti-inflammatory?

Dragon fruit is anti-inflammatory as it has flavonoids. Those are main types of antioxidants which can repair cell damage. Consequently, it would minimize the inflammation. Further it would protect the body from chronic diseases too.

Is dragon fruit good for high blood pressure?

As per the research conducted, dragon fruit can improve the blood sugar among the people who have pre diabetes. However there should be more research to conduct to ascertain further on this aspect.


Now you know the answer for “Does dragon fruit have caffeine?”. You also know dragon fruit is unique and worthwhile for everyone to try out. They would add a contrasting color to your plate. Many people consider dragon fruit as an excellent fruit item as it provides multiple health benefits.

Furthermore, dragon fruit comprise prebiotic fibers and some beneficial plant compounds too. Having a low calorie percentage is one more added advantage of these fruits. On that note, keep in mind that Dragon fruit is a healthy option and do think of adding it into your diet as much as you can.

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